Diversity through Design, why settle for less?

    When creating a new interior many points of view have to be taken into consideration not least, how to appeal to the target audience, setting and cultural requirements of the country, current trends, brand message and of course, the clients expectations. The diversity in style of the pendants, table and floor lights shown illustrates the very nature of this statement after all, every project is different!

    Making your interior unique so as to distinguish itself is even more challenging, so why settle for “off the shelf” stock lighting that your competitors may also be using (or have used)? Why not create lighting with features that you want and which will add to your overall design without blowing the budget!

    Baulmann Leuchten have been providing custom decorative lighting for small boutique to large hotel roll-out projects Worldwide for over seventy years, consistently meeting the design intent, budget and delivery schedules of their clients.

    By working closely with the design team, Baulmann will take your initial ideas, designs or full specifications and cost them quickly to ensure they can meet the budget requirements of your project, then if successful will prepare detailed drawings and produce mur samples for the client in a matter of weeks, this is just one of the many benefits of working with a true European manufacturer.

    Baulmann, creating decorative custom lighting and mirrors for clients in the UK and Europe, Asia and Africa, and the Middle East.

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