Anthology from Style Library Contract launches Volume 07

    A striking collection of wallcoverings inspired by Brutalist influences and the ever-giving wonder of the natural world, new for SS20

    Anthology introduces Volume 07, an evocative collection of ten wide-width wallcoverings that further explore man’s interaction with the natural world, unearthing abundant inspiration and endless possibilities.

    New for SS20, this latest addition to the Anthology story is curated to be at one with the building in which it’s placed, seamlessly amalgamating motifs and techniques with interiors of all ages. Hero designs such as Brutalist Stripe and Ammonite highlight the contrast between old and new, and luxurious beaded embellishments bring a distinctive, sophisticated style.

    A captivating blend of semi-plain, large and small-scale designs, Anthology 07 features cork for the first time. A substrate for two of the compilation’s most contemporary designs, this is an exciting addition, not just for the material’s beautiful aesthetic, but also for its environmental and acoustic benefits.

    Peter Gomez, from the Anthology studio, says: “With a range of contrasting wallcoverings, Anthology 07 tells a story from two sides of the design spectrum. On one hand, the permanence of fossils and concrete share a longevity and finality, juxtaposed against the fluidity of rippling waters and the shimmer of momentary refraction.”

    Featuring an enticing colour palette of aptly named tones such as Sapphire, Emerald, Slate, Brass and Charcoal, designs including Kimberlite, Ripple Stripe and Refraction reflect the direction of this collection, emulating its resonance with our surroundings, whether natural or manmade.

    Volume 07 is perfect for all four walls and a blend of embossed and non-metallic inks further intensifies the collection, which also works alongside all previous Anthology launches.

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