Indigenous has introduced two new bathroom vanities and a new marble basin to its range

    The vanities are both wooden - the Tree Trunk Pedestal is made from a salvaged Longan trunk - a lychee fruit tree that's replaced when it stops bearing fruit - and the other from sustainable English Oak. The new basin in a marble design. I've included some styled and cut-out shots, and some more product info below.

    Organics Design replicates the clean, neutral palette from Harvey Maria’s Organics Stone range – Natural, Portland, Jurassic and Cambrian. Four designs have a dark inner square and a light border, and four have a light inner square and dark border. Laid alternately, the geometric design creates an almost 3D illusion, alternating from light to dark. When a single colour contrast is repeated, the tiles create a mini cube effect. Endless other designs can be created by mixing the plain and patterned tiles, and by combining them with single shade tiles from the Organics Stone range.

    Each Organics Design tile measures 30.5 x 30.5cm and the larger Organics Stone tiles measure 30.5cm x 45.7cm. All designs have a bevelled edge and can be laid in all settings, including bathrooms and over underfloor heating.

    To find out more, please visit or contact Harvey Maria on tel. 03303 301 231 and email

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