Acoustic solutions for the eco-conscious consumer

    Workplace balance is vitally important but is the quality of sound as good as the lighting, furniture or temperature where you work?

    UK based acoustic solutions manufacturer and supplier Soundtect, has a wide range of products for walls and ceilings for addressing this issue, which not only reduce noise and reverberation but also add a positive design feature to rooms or areas in the process.

    Soundtect began almost 10 years ago when our engineering team launched a pioneering process to recycle the carpets they manufactured for the Hong Kong exhibition Centre into acoustic panels as a third generation product.

    With over 350 exhibitions a year, until this point the carpets were only used for a short period before being sent to landfill and although originally manufactured from post-consumer recycled PET, adding so much waste to the environment didn’t sit well with the companies sustainability beliefs .

    By reusing the fibres for a third time to create our acoustic solutions, we can proudly say that not only we have reduced environmental pollution, we have also created a highly absorbent, design-led solution to noise pollution too.

    Recently Soundtect launched Freestyle; a lightweight semi-rigid sound absorbing panel that can be used in a variety of design and interior solutions. The sheets are available in a wide range of colours and prints including wood and can be integrated as stylish wall panels, acoustic ceiling baffles or suspended rafts for instance, allowing designers to offer bold, vibrant designs to match their clients brief.

    Apart from Freestyle, Soundtect has several other successful ranges including their 3D wall panels and Class range ofceiling baffles and rafts.

    Soundtect has a growing sales team and EC1 showroom so if you’d like to learn more please visit the website or contact a member of the team on 0203 040 2939

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