Morgan launches two new collections

    Morgan, contract furniture designer and manufacturer, is launching two new collections: Rio 2, created in collaboration with Studio INTEGRATE, and Porto.

    Rio 2

    Combining skills and expertise with architect Mehran Gharleghi of Studio INTEGRATE, Morgan introduces a new collection of sophisticated and luxurious tables for the contract market that include 3D printed components. Rio 2 is the first of its kind within the sector to include this technology with a commercially viable price point.

    The first Rio collection was launched in 2016, combining the skills and expertise of the Morgan team with Mehran Gharleghi’s knowledge of new technologies to explore the relationship between the craft of yesterday and the craft of tomorrow.

    The second generation sees two new table designs. With this version, a greater understanding of the technology provided the designers with increased creative scope, resulting in a more geometric and regular aesthetic, as opposed to the organic feel of the first generation. The use of materials was also reduced and refined, adding further options to the entirety of the collection. On the edge of design and technology, the tables are an iconic piece at an affordable price.

    The collection uses a polyamide 3D printed component as the main structure with which to attach a glass or timber top and timber turned legs. This joining element was designed using a mathematical algorithm to create a unique framework that could not have been made via any other process. The technique is an additive process and therefore not only offers design freedom, but also a sustainable manufacturing solution.


    Stemming from an ambition to find a fresh and exciting approach to the archetypal tub chair, the Porto collection distinguishes itself with a combination of clean elegant lines and luxurious timber and upholstery detailing.

    Following the current hotel design trends, Morgan Studio has developed a collection that offers “luxury for all”. This is a trend that is growing in the hotel world; boutique hotels down to hostels are looking for good design and luxury which is fresh, affordable and not confined to 5 star hospitality.

    Engineered and detailed for sophistication and affordability, the Porto collection is light, minimal and versatile. The ergonomics and foam specification ensure comfort in both dining and lounge configurations. Morgan believes that luxury means comfort, as well as elegant detailing and a high quality finish.

    There are many ways of achieving luxury with the Porto collection: five back variations, timber and metal base options as well as the scope for customization inherent in the collection. There is versatility to tailor the product to the bespoke aesthetic of each project.

    Starting from a full tub, the collection expands to offer a sculptural arm that is cut out from the side of the shell and also a loose back cushion option. This can be upholstered in plain or quilted fabric. The 3 armchairs and 2 side chair options can be specified with an upholstered base, a show wood timber base, or a steel frame base. Further customization accents include leather trim, a ferrule detail and custom RAL epoxy powder coat finishes.

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