If there’s one critical necessity we’ve all witnessed within our own homes and personal lives of late, it’s our complete dependence on technology. With stringent coronavirus-related restrictions in place and outdoor exploration in decline for the first half of this year, we’ve all sought other, more high-tech means of socialising and working. With more limitations forecast up and down the nation and, as we head into the colder, darker months, this reliance is only expected to increase. It’s no surprise then that our priorities are changing when it comes to smart homes and home automation technology. What once was a ‘nice-to-have’ is transforming into a ‘must-have’ as we strive to keep up with communication between work colleagues, friends and family. This month, we’ve talked to Chris Knight, Managing Director at CEDIA Member of Excellence, Perfect Integration, about a few smart home technologies and what changes the pandemic has made to their relevance.

As mentioned, it’s not just our personal lives that have suffered from the restrictions of the pandemic. Businesses all across the globe have had to alter their operations dramatically, and the interior sector is no exception. Quite the social role, interior design requires face-to-face meetings and consultations as well as numerous visits to sites to check on progress and address pressing matters. However, quick to adapt, many interior designers have switched to digital platforms to proceed with business-as-usual status. One such individual is Benji Lewis, International Interior Designer and Founder of Zoom That Room – a video call design consultancy service launched during lockdown. In this edition, we talk to Benji about how we’re all adjusting to the recent changes in our professional and work lives and find out how he took his business onto a mostly virtual platform.

Rebecca Kemp

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