Here at Inex, we have been talking a lot about biophilic design across the past few months – not just professionally, but also personally; sharing ideas on how we can introduce elements of the outside into our own interiors. So, it made perfect sense this month to reach out to one of the biggest titans and advocates of biophilia. Yes, whether you’re an interior designer or not, you know precisely who we’re talking about – Oliver Heath. In this edition, Eden Goode, Researcher & Writer at Oliver Heath Design, discusses our increasing reliance on biophilia within the built environment, and – following the COVID-19 pandemic – how we’re seeking indoor spaces that follow biophilic design principles more than ever before. Turn to page 42 to read the feature-length article.

Moving back to the office, in June, many of us safely returned to our workplaces. Whether it’s on a part-time basis or full-time, we’re slowly easing back into work; of course, with a few changes to our office spaces. In this month’s Furniture feature, Tony Antoniou, Managing Director at London-based workplace design studio Rainbow, paints a picture of how our office spaces could look in the near future and discusses how, through design, we need to adapt to newfound workplace needs and boost the wellbeing and safety of employees following the coronavirus pandemic. Flick to page 26 to read his account on the office post-coronavirus.

Meanwhile, on page 81, Soundtect looks at how designers can alleviate some of the return-to-work stress and COVID anxiety with acoustically sound spaces for a more calming atmosphere in open-plan offices. Here, the brand explores how designers can dampen down the noise to create a tranquil atmosphere with acoustic solutions.

Rebecca Kemp
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