Much to the nation’s delight, spring is on its way, meaning we’re a little closer to those long-awaited lighter evenings and mornings and warmer temperatures. However, that doesn’t mean 2020’s lighting designs are taking a backseat. It’s no secret that lighting can make or break an interior scheme; enhancing a room’s ambience and perhaps, most importantly, the mood of a building’s end-user. And, while exterior lighting is equally as imperative to get right, interiors do take precedence. We’ve all heard time and time before that we’re spending too much time indoors, and with the severe lack of recognition towards the importance of a healthy work-life balance, we are now relying on bringing the outdoors in through the form of biophilia.

The key element of biophilia is improving our wellbeing while we spend so much of our time indoors, and lighting plays a crucial role in improving our mood. Lighting that positively responds to our circadian rhythm is now being incorporated into interiors to mimic natural daylighting rhythms and regulate our sleep cycles. In this month’s issue, Luke Thomas, Design Director of John Cullen Lighting, touches on the importance of circadian rhythm-focused lighting in his article on lighting styles that are trending within the residential sector. Turn to page 28 to learn more.

Biophilic design runs through the pages of each and every issue of Inex magazine; whether it’s in the form of living walls, colours, textures lighting or plants. If you attended this year’s Surface Design Show, you may have noticed the prevalence of this topic amongst exhibitors and on-stage seminars. What was evident from this year’s event was that biophilia and sustainability both have a long-term position within interior design.

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