Good interior schemes don’t just deliver visually; they encourage people to use all of their senses. As the industry continues to evolve and lifestyles change, designers are finding aesthetics alone are not enough to meet and exceed the given brief.

Many professionals will strive to appeal to a host of different senses. The powerful sense of smell – or olfaction – can be triggered using luxurious leather fabrics and rich aromas. While touch – or somatosensation – can be encouraged with the introduction of plush materials and intriguing shapes.

In this month’s issue, INEX showcases how Architects Zeller & Moye and Artist Katie Paterson have created the ultimate sensory experience. This collaboration has resulted in ‘Hollow’, a wooden structure comprising 10,000 pieces of wood from 10,000 tree species. Visitors to this striking project, situated outside the University of Bristol’s Life Sciences building, are met with a powerful scent which transports them to the forests in which the trees grew. Meanwhile, the intricate clusters and stalactite form invites visitors to physically touch and explore the complex inner composition. To read more about this striking sensory experience, turn to page 20.

Elsewhere in this issue, Crown Paints unveils the hottest colour trends, Extex explains how you can create a practical and comfortable outdoor living space and Solus Ceramics reveals how it has added flavour to a newly-refurbished Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Don’t forget, you can also access all of Inex’s features and product inspiration at your fingertips via the magazine’s state-of-the-art app. To download your version free of charge, simply search ‘Inex-online’ on the App Store or Google play.

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