Every interior scheme will be adorned with one or several iconic pieces of furniture. Be they functional or purely aesthetic, timeless furnishings offer a formulaic approach to interior decoration and have evolved significantly over the decades. In this month’s issue, Inex addresses the coffee table – a classic and practical piece for both residential and commercial environments.

The coffee table has benefited from some major adaptations since the increase in demand for coffee tables in the 1750s where tea drinking was at the height of fashion. Manufactured from wood, glass or even more natural materials such as wicker or rattan, the coffee table sees numerous styles to suit a variety of individual tastes.

Stelios Mousarris’ Wave City coffee table exemplifies just how far the design of the coffee table has come from the 17th century to today. Using 3D printing, Stelios’ design is likened to a structural piece of art. Find out more on page 24.

Elsewhere in this issue, Inex speaks to joint CEO of the boutique hotel group, Alexander Hotels. Here she explains her interior design choices for the scheme at the acclaimed hotel, Alexander House. Turn to page 26 to learn more.

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