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Pamela Gruhn, Founder of chalk paint brand Frenchic, has always had a passion for giving old furniture a new lease of life rather than seeing it relegated to landfill.

16 October 2020

Picture Perforated

Perforated metals have been in existence almost since metals were first discovered when humans punctured the metal for decoration and even coinage. However, it was when the need for metal armour became prevalent so too did the need to make it lighter – so by applying tight perforations, the metal was made lighter, more breathable, but still durable. These perforations could be applied in uniform patterns or with distinctive designs as they were hand-punched, says Anthony Millington, Business Development Manager at Amron Architectural.

16 October 2020

Outdoor Colour Trends

Private gardens have benefited from an explosion in creativity in 2020. Social media timelines have been filled with photos of amazing lockdown transformations, from outside bars to floral and structural displays worthy of a stand at Chelsea.

Charles Taylor, Sales Director at Composite Prime, discusses the benefits of composite products and how they can be used to maximise garden value.

As homes and workplaces across the UK adjust to post-lockdown life, what might the future look like for UK bathroom design? Here, Sophie Weston, Channel Marketing Manager at Geberit, discusses why a new era of bathroom design could be on the horizon – and how existing product design and innovation can help shape the future for interior designers and architects.

16 October 2020

High-flying Luxury

At approximately 27m², this Gulfstream G550 jet aircraft belongs to an American family with three teenage children, who divide their time between Florida and New York City. Decorated by Rodney Lawrence, the main idea was to create distinct areas to ensure maximum comfort.

In any museum, lighting plays an essential role in the visitor’s experience. From a functional perspective, lighting plays a vital role in guiding visitors through their museum or gallery experience. The lighting of museums and gallery spaces needs to highlight and accentuate the texture, colour and shape of exhibits, whether they are historical artefacts, modern art, 2D paintings or 3D sculptures. So achieving excellence in aesthetic quality for this space is paramount, writes David Neale, Marketing Manager at Concord by Sylvania UK.

Nominated by landscape professionals and members of the public, this summer some of the best modern gardens and landscapes have been identified for protection by Historic England. A new collection of post-War parks, gardens and landscapes has just been listed.

Alan Ellis, Founder and Managing Director of Ellis Design Studio, has almost two decade’s experience as an Interior Designer. Ellis Design Studio – a firm that specialises in hospitality projects in the UK and internationally – was born from Alan’s desire to create beautifully detailed, perfectly formed interiors, which reflect the desires and aspirations of the client and work perfectly for those who use them. Here, we find out more about Alan and his design studio.

Nicola Schellander is an award-winning British Glass Designer who has pioneered a simple but striking style of design that has permeated her designs at every level.

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