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08 December 2020

2021 Fabric Trends

It probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise that whilst we’ve had to change the way we live our lives this year, our habits and comforts have changed in tandem. Escaping from the everyday for a weekend at an opulent hotel or idyllic farmhouse abruptly came to an end, and we had to seek those luxuries from our own homes.

Tastes remain eclectic as we move towards the New Year, and requests for understated and extravagant patterns remain in-demand simultaneously.

09 November 2020

Let There Be Light

Lighting Designer Nicola Schellander looks at how lighting can transform a home into a highly desirable living space.

When lockdown began in March 2020, the impact on our day-to-day lives was immediate and profound. Liberties that we had previously taken for granted were curtailed, and the way we use our homes and the technologies within were brought quickly into focus. In this article, Chris Knight, Managing Director at CEDIA Member of Excellence, Perfect Integration, looks at a few key smart home technologies and explains what changes the pandemic has made to their relevance.

In this article, Benji Lewis, International Interior Designer and Founder of Zoom That Room, explores how we’re adjusting to the recent changes in our professional and work lives, and explains how he took his business onto a mostly virtual platform to advise and guide clients to make the most of work-from-home setups.

09 November 2020

Show-stopping Retail

When a long-established jewellery store prepared to make a move to a better-trafficked location, the owners saw an opportunity to embrace a new look that would appeal to a fresh generation of shoppers. While they wanted the new retail environment to honour their established customer base, they also hoped to appeal to new customers and current tastes.

This month, Inex Editor, Rebecca Kemp, sits down with Samantha Drummond, Managing Partner at Habitus Design Group, to find out more about her design background and probe into her work on the famous Marina Bay Sands Resort.

The Magenta Moon Campus in Berlin, by Deutsche Telekom, invites visitors of all ages to discover trends and events in a playful way – and to rethink current education concepts.

Green building is far from a new concept. But in a world permanently altered by the pandemic, the focus on sustainability in the building and interior supply chain is increasingly expanding beyond efficient use of energy and natural resources to encompass the health, wellbeing and productivity of the people within the buildings, says James Scully, MD at Quadrant.

The global impact of COVID-19 and resulting lockdowns have shone a fresh spotlight on considerations around our physical and mental wellbeing. There is a growing body of research that shows how the design of our environments can impact our overall quality of life. Given we spend nearly 90% of our lives inside buildings, it’s important to explore the emotional benefits we can foster with the design of our everyday spaces, writes Donna Dent, Concept Designer at Interface.

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