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13 July 2020

Leading The Way

Visitors to hospitals or care homes are unlikely to contemplate the type of flooring they are walking on, yet its design and practicalities have never been more important. Louisa Eyles, Commercial Marketing Manager at Amtico, explores the vital role flooring has to play in modern healthcare design.

The world has been on pause for over two months now, but finally, measures are now being taken to get us all back to work. The question now is not when it will happen, but how.

Does ‘COVID-secure’ mean sterile and soulless? Or is there a way for creativity, style and elegance in interiors to also play their part in keeping us safer from this and future threats? These are key questions for designers looking to specify beautiful new materials with health and hygiene also in mind.

The housing market is being challenged to think differently when it comes to designing homes, with a variety of social and economic trends driving a new approach. Here, Natalie Davenport, Head of Marketing at Häfele, looks at some of the changes.

Here, Inex talks to Eden Goode, Researcher & Writer at Oliver Heath Design, about our increasing reliance on biophilia within the built environment, and – following the COVID-19 pandemic – how we’re seeking indoor spaces that follow biophilic design principles more than ever before.

The materials used for kitchen surfaces have a tremendous impact on the design of the room overall, both visually and practically. Here, we take a look at some of the biggest trends in floor, wall and worktop coverings.

Tony Antoniou, Managing Director at London-based workplace design studio Rainbow, paints a picture of how our office spaces could look in the near future and discusses how, through design, we need to adapt to newfound workplace needs and boost the wellbeing and safety of employees following the coronavirus pandemic.

Within the built environment, our focus is increasingly shifting towards both sustainable developments and staff wellbeing, and rightly so. Integrating green spaces is one of the most effective ways of successfully doing this. The exterior spaces at Stylus, 116 Old Street are a great example of how this can be done successfully and imaginatively within urban developments.

Working in a comfortable environment makes employees tangibly more effective, healthier and happier. It’s a win-win for the employer where investing €35 per employee, per year in building automation helps to bring close to €6000 per employee, per year benefit to companies. Smart spaces in the office can deliver individual benefits to each and every member of staff, says Graham Martin, Chairman & CEO at EnOcean Alliance.

An Architect, Interior Designer and an Associate at design and consulting firm Stantec, Velimira Drummer has a wealth of knowledge and experience under her belt. This month, Inex’s Editor, Rebecca Kemp, sat down with her to discuss the ins and outs of her career journey and to learn more about her background in design.

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