Metaroom and Palette CAD Partner to Bring the Power of 3D Modelling to Interior Design and Bath Planning

    Metaroom by Amrax, a 3D modelling and spatial data capture company, has partnered with interior design software company Palette CAD.

    The integration will enable users to send 3D scan data directly from Amrax’s Metaroom app to Palette’s design software.

    This enables the creation of precise and detailed plans for the interior of any room. Users simply use the camera on their Apple Pro device, equipped with a LiDAR sensor, to instantly scan a room or item. They can then use this 3D model with Palette CAD to de­sign and showcase projects, order materials and create blueprints.

    Metaroom by Amrax and Palette CAD’s partnership will help make spatial design even more accessible to professional designers. This will lead to more innovation, sustainable design, and lower costs and waste.

    The Metaroom app is an advanced 3D scanning app, driven by the power of AI, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) technologies. The tool enables professionals in spatial planning industries to envision and redefine spaces.

    Through the Metaroom app users can scan rooms using an iPhone Pro or iPad Pro*. These scans are then uploaded to the cloud, generating true-to-scale 3D models within seconds. Users can then use the web application, Metaroom Studio, to enrich these 3D models with additional information, ensuring project-specific customisation and precision.

    The integration is the latest in a number secured by Amrax - it follows recent partnerships with Relux, Ranplan, Autodesk and Siemens.

    Martin Huber, CEO of Amrax, said: “The design industry is undergoing a quiet revolution. Innovations in 3D modeling, spatial design, and AI combine to transform how buildings and homes are created. This gives consumers and professionals more control, creativity, and insight into their projects. In turn, this has a huge impact on everything from design sustainability to optimizing how it functions. Partnerships are the key to bringing these powerful tools to the mainstream. Palette CAD has a huge customer base built up over decades, and I’m confident they will find Metaroom a great asset in the design process.”

    Dirk Böckstiegel, Director of Business Development and Export at Palette CAD AG:

    "The interaction between Metaroom and Palette CAD is a prime example of how software can adapt to the user today. Scanning a room on-site at the customer's premises using a smartphone and seamlessly switching to 3D planning takes the ease and efficiency of the consultation phase to a new level. We are delighted to have gained a strong new partner in Metaroom by Amrax, who - just like us - focuses on user-friendliness."

    Over 7,300 users, including key players in the lighting, wireless planning and AEC industries, have registered through the Metaroom app and joined the Amrax B2B ecosystem dedicated to spatial design and 3D modeling.

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