Introducing the Thinnest Surfaces in the World

    Global leader in the design and production of sustainable, large sized natural porcelain surfaces, Laminam has revolutionised the world of architecture and design with its latest sub-brand launch of ultra-thin, lightweight and sustainable surfaces - twO by Laminam.

    The first collection, Gemini is being showcased for the first time at the 62nd edition of Salone Del Mobile in Milan (16th – 21st April, Fiera Milano exhibition center, Hall 22 - Stand G16 / G18).

    Research and technology: a winning combination

    twO by Laminam raises the bar for quality in terms of beauty, sustainability and technological innovation in the architecture and interior design sectors. Years of technical research and pioneering application know-how have opened the way to never-before seen levels of innovation. The thinnest surfaces in the world are also the lightest, while maintaining all the technical performance of Laminam’s larger slabs. What’s more, the new surfaces bring with them a sense of ease and ductility which ranges from flexibility to ease of cutting, use on site, and last but not least, transportation.

    Combining the foundations of classic Italian architecture with the inherent beauty of natural stone, twO by Laminam’s porcelain surfaces are UV and temperature resistant as well as ultra-durable and hardwearing, making them the perfect surface solution for wall and furniture cladding, indoors and out.

    Sustainable to the core

    Once again, Laminam is putting sustainability at the core of its strategic development vision, translating it into revolutionary surfaces created with recycled and entirely recyclable materials. twO by Laminam commits to sustainability throughout the various phases of the value chain, from procurement of materials and production, through to transport to the homeowner. Over 70% of contributions to the company carbon footprint will be reduced thanks to this lighter and less voluminous product, making it the number one surface of choice for sustainably minded projects. What’s more, the remarkably slim thickness allows for optimisation of the entire lifecycle of the product: the firing phase is faster and performed using electric kilns powered by the company’s solar PV system, while transportation emissions are reduced thanks to the significantly lower overall weight.

    The new collection and its inspiration: Gemini

    The first collection within the twO by Laminam brand is the Gemini collection of eight surfaces, with the collection name representing the profound dialog between humans and nature, where humans and the earth, twin faces, reflect each other and collaborate in perfect synergy and harmony. All available in 1000x3000mm slabs with 2mm thickness, Luce, Pelle, Cielo, Cenere, Grano, Acero, Muschio, and Flora (available in Luce or Pelle shades) showcase Laminam’s colorimetric and textural research, influenced by a tangible connection with the ecosystem, earth and sky.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Luce
    From the silent, impalpable dance that marks the dawn comes Luce, the Gemini collection shade that pays homage to the primordial life source, interpreted in a snowy, pastel colour that radiates serenity into interiors. This infinitely versatile colour evokes the freshness of a newly plastered wall and its light, airy hues illuminate any interior.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Pelle
    Pelle is the Gemini collection colour that celebrates the intimate bond between Man and the Earth, a reminder of our innermost being translated into an antique pink hue with earthy touches. Inspired by traditional cladding materials, Pelle offers its striking, intense aesthetic and its tactile texture in the revolutionary thickness of just 2 millimetres. An invitation to stroke the distinctive finish, which captures the essence of hand-applied plaster, and feel beneath your fingers the pattern of a revitalised past age.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Cielo
    The Gemini collection’s Cielo shade is midway between pale blue and grey and expresses a mood of harmony and calm, an exciting architectural freedom and the infinitely varied colours of the heavens. With Cielo, the Gemini collection incarnates a peerless, fluid beauty in a shade that celebrates the many and varied faces of Nature and responds to contemporary demands for aesthetic mixing and matching capabilities.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Cenere
    Cenere represents rebirth, with the strength of fire, an element that cleanses, renews and embodies the legacy of new compositional scenarios, enabled by unique features of immense visual impact. Cenere designs the surfaces and furnishings of dynamic, lived-in interiors, where beauty combines with the convenience of a dark, warm colour, highly compatible with the Gemini collection’s other shades in every applicational context.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Grano
    A warm colour in the range between beige and hazelnut, Grano is ideal for anyone seeking a reassuring yet impactful shade that will give an interior a welcoming air and open the way to infinite potentials for combination and integration. This Gemini collection shade fits elegantly and tastefully into any architectural context, style or colour scheme and talks the simple yet profound language of nature.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Acero
    Acero is the brightest yet also the most subtle shade in the Gemini collection and captures a range of intense, exciting colours on its surface. This rich, vibrant shade enhances claddings and interior design projects with an evocation of its inspiration natural elements and extends an invitation to experiment with unusual colour combinations, from the red of Acero to the grey-blue of Cielo.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Muschio
    The Muschio colour enables design schemes that reflect the profound wish to reconnect to the natural environment, the need to root ourselves in the simple yet extraordinary wonders that only Nature can offer. It successfully combines adaptability to a variety of locations, from the residential to the commercial, with a colour effect designed to appeal and delight. The tactile allure of the finish conveys an almost tangible sensation of comfort and regeneration, making the Muschio shade ideal for places dedicated to relaxation and wellbeing.

    twO by Laminam – Gemini Collection – Flora
    Flora enriches interior design with a celebration of Nature and the wonderful interplays of light and shade generated by vegetation. Comprising two modular designs and available in shades Pelle or Luce, Flora creates the visual impression of the dancing shadows created on walls by wind and the delicate light filtering through foliage. The wall claddings and furniture come to life in a visual reflection of the wonders of the plant ecosystem. A masterly combination of Laminam’s state-of-the-art technology with delicate, refined decorative motifs, Flora embraces a new dimension, where the boundary between reality and illusion is blurred.

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