Luxurious Security with Burg-Wachter's Diplomat Safe Range

    Burg-Wächter, the leading security provider, has come up with a premium way to store valuables and treasures with its stylish Diplomat safe range. Luxury married with the high-quality Burg-Wächter is known for, this is one safe that is a must-need for any home.

    Highly certified for excellent protection

    Engineered in Germany, the Diplomat safe offers all-round attack and fire protection to give your customers absolute peace of mind when it comes to protecting their most treasured valuables. Tested rigorously by VdS and certified by ECB.S, it meets up to £10,000 of cash cover and £100,000 of valuables cover in line with the EN 1143-1 standards and is recognised by the Association of Insurance Surveyors Ltd. It is also accredited by Secured By Design - the Police Preferred Specification for security products, meaning your customers can be assured knowing they have the very best security for their valuables.

    Superb quality with elegant interior

    The exterior of the safe has a three-walled armoured body with protective fireproof concrete insulation, as well as additional armouring in the back wall. The safe walls are slim yet robust, ensuring there is still plenty of internal storage space available. The fire-protective material in both body and door offers certified protection for 60 minutes, meaning even in the devastating event of a fire, your customers can be confident knowing that their important documents will be safe and secure. Additionally, the four-walled door has extensive armouring to provide extra protection to the bolts and locking mechanism. Inset doors and hinges not only look stylish but also ensure there is little room to attack it with a crowbar.

    New optional luxury interior

    Burg-Wächter offers an exclusive interior for the Diplomat safe series, made from oak and with automatic LED interior lighting to give it a more deluxe look. A two-piece modular design, the interior can be slotted or fixed into any Diplomat safe and can also be retro-fitted, while an oak veneer for the internal door cover adds to the luxurious look. It has ample space for A4 files and, depending on the size of the safe, has 1, 2, or 3 solid oak drawers with leather pulls, allowing customers to sort their jewellery, watches and other valuables easily. As a Burg-Wächter product, the interior won’t void the safe certification either, meaning customers won’t have to compromise security for luxury.

    Create your own safe

    Burg-Wächter understands that safes are for a lifetime and therefore give customers complete control when selecting their safe. From colours to size to locking mechanisms, the choice is endless so when it comes to choosing a safe that is just as smart on the outside as it is on the inside.

    •  Size
    The Diplomat safe comes in 4 different sizes and no matter what size is chosen, these free-standing safes can weigh up to 100kg or more meaning they are extremely difficult to move when anchored in place and result in extremely high protection against cutting or drilling.

    •  Colour
    All customers have to do is choose their favourite colour (from the RAL colour chart) and the type of paintwork – Burg-Wächter offers either high gloss for extra shine, or a more subtle textured look. Painted both inside and outside for an all-over deluxe look, the paint is extremely durable and easy to clean.

    •  Locking mechanism
    The Diplomat safe range can have one of two locking methods; traditional key, or electronic combination lock with fingerprint module. Customers can choose whichever is the most convenient for them, however, it’s worth remembering that keys can easily be lost or fall into the wrong hands. If customers choose the electronic lock, the key is eliminated altogether. Ideal for multiple users, the Diplomat electronic lock offers 1 administrator and up to 9 additional user coders, all with an audit train to keep track of who is accessing the safe.

    The fingerprint module adds another convenient method of entry. Simply swipe your finger across the reader to get easy and convenient access – you’ll never have to worry about searching for keys or forgetting codes again. Up to 20 fingerprints can be programmed and stored for secure opening of the safe.

    Allow your customers to build their own bespoke safe with Burg-Wächter’s Diplomat safe range. With both complete creative control and peace of mind that their valuables and mementos have the best protection, you will have customers who will love their safe and will no doubt turn to you for many years to come!

    For more information on the Diplomat safe series or any other Burg-Wächter home security products, please get in touch.

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