Rotpunkt 2023 Interior Design Trends

    Rotpunkt, award-winning designer and manufacturer of climate friendly German furniture depict the latest interior design trends set to revolutionise the contemporary home in 2023.

    Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt explains, “As we continue to navigate the global economy, one thing remains clear: the home represents the ‘centre of life’ for many. With hybrid work patterns, multigenerational households, and a focus on eco ergonomics, the latest furniture designs in 2023 are built for multi-purpose, presenting a cross-section of styles, shapes, and materials, which are serving more than one room in the home. In fact, we are experiencing an exciting era of conscious interior design where ergonomic, sustainable product solutions are catering to the wellness lifestyle and providing the UK homeowner with a more positive, self-serving home environment. Now, the market is primed to deliver even more transparency on the benefits of quality raw materials, ethical production, and carbon off-setting, given our research continues to show that concerns about sustainability resonate at every price-point.”

    So, what’s going to be the next big thing in home interiors in 2023? From kitchen to utility, through to the home office and dressing room, Rotpunkt feels the following trends will break new ground this year:

    STYLE - Internatural:

    Delivering an inspired blend of natural materials met with different cultures from around the world, the latest furniture trends are taking an internatural approach to styling the UK home and kitchen. Contemporary, modular furniture is pared back and linear by design, with generous island units dominating the kitchen and more recently, dressing room with a lifestyle-oriented workstation. Look out for furniture that offers more than just storage space as lifestyle friendly features such as extra-tall, double stacked storage units, deep drawers, and automated hide and slide pocket doors will add form and function without impacting on the overall look and feel.

    COLOUR - Raw:

    2023 will embrace botanical shades of nature with gentle grey, fresh white, and green blue colour palettes combined with different species of solid and veneered wood in varying degrees of texture – from rough sawn and brushed, through to fine grain and grooved surfaces. In fact, oak is the wood of choice this year able to take on virtually any hue like light beige, dark brown and even whitewashed. Although the introduction of colour is somewhat neutral in 2023, high contrast schemes will continue to dominate the contemporary home where two or more opposing colours, finishes or materials such as glass or wood, come together to create one complete scheme.

    Matt adds, “A few 2023 highlights include our latest range of Loft wood-effect finishes where we champion the raw beauty of natural oak. This joins our new Smala door available in on-trend Velvet Green finish and Tineo frame fronted door showcasing our new Beach Grey colour, which offers a more pinkish hue over taupe, blue or green undertones.”

    LAYOUT - Integrated:

    Open plan living continues to dictate the ground floor layout in 2023, with new focus being placed on the level of integration that can be achieved in the kitchen, home office, laundry, and bedroom space. Space-making solutions are therefore top priority and have completely transformed the idea of open plan, as custom storage helps to save time and energy, as well as create multi-use areas designed for work and play. This means the ‘hidden room’ will come to the fore this year and champion new door designs which are enabling the relocation of food storage, laundry appliances and utility area into existing open plan spaces without impact.

    Other 2023 highlights include the new Access Door that provides secret entry to a self-contained room via a continuous run of tall units, as well as the Hide & Slide Pocket Door; a specially designed, fully integrated door system with push-to-open technology which is virtually automatic and suitable for single and double doors.

    MANUFACTURE - Climate Friendly:

    Shopping with a conscience has become the norm for many consumers this year as in general, investing in the home while supporting climate-friendly initiatives is now part of the design conversation: whether that be sourcing and production, through to packaging and delivery.

    For further information, please contact Rotpunkt UK.

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