Craven Dunnill: 2023 Trends from Italy’s Cersaie Tile Fair

    After returning from Cersaie Bologna, the world’s biggest exhibition of ceramic tile, the forecasts for 2023 are in. From the experts at Craven Dunnill, the leading supplier and manufacturer of fine ceramic tiles, here’s what to expect for tiles in the year ahead...

    Terrific Terracotta

    In 2023, colour schemes are warming up and terracotta is having a resurgence. “We are very excited to be launching our Aruba range next year which features terracotta-look styles that recreate the warmth of the Mediterranean,” says Diane Hyde, Marketing Manager at Craven Dunnill & Co.

    Providing a rustic, earthen texture, terracotta feeds the prevailing desire to connect our interiors with the natural world. In shades of toasty burnt orange and reddish brown, terracotta tiles work well in white farmhouse-style kitchens, grounding and bringing warmth to the otherwise clean, crisp space. Terracotta is also ideal for porch tiling, creating a welcoming and distinctive entrance to a home.

    Sunny inspirations

    Yellow is trending. When done right, it infuses spaces with energy and warmth. But yellow can feel like an intimidating colour to decorate with as we often think first of fluorescent, lemony hues.

    “The glossy shades ‘amber’ and ‘flame’ in our Signature collection are uniquely restrained yellows that provide an elegant, refreshing burst of colour, especially when contrasted against a muted sage green wall or warm wood cabinets,” says Hyde.

    Mix-and-match matt and gloss

    Usually when we consider mixing and matching tiles, our instinct is to choose the same style, just in differing shades. “In 2023, the combination of matt and gloss tiles of the same colour is trending. This creates a unique design with an understated patterned effect where the gloss finish catches light, creating a sense of space and contrasting the neighbouring matt tiles.” Hyde shares.

    Stylish stone

    In 2023, designers and homeowners shouldn’t have to choose between durability and aesthetically beautiful design. “Inspired by the subtle earthy veins and rugged surface textures of stone and marble, our Manor Stone tile range responds to this by providing the glamourous, opulent look of rare stone with uncompromising functionality,” says Hyde. To create a spa-like bathroom, consider coordinating travertine-inspired wall and floor tiles for a tranquil and tactile monochromatic design.

    Eye-catching grout

    Grout used to be simply functional – to hold tiles in place. But grout is no longer something to hide. It’s a design-led choice that elevates and accentuates the tiles it borders. Hyde says, “We offer a wide selection of grout colours to complete your tiling project. Bright cobalt blue grout pairs beautifully with our ultra-glossy white ‘Samara tiles.’ Or for an unexpected graphic contrast, black grout creates a dramatic border for cherry red and watermelon pink tiles.”

    Founded in 1872, Craven Dunnill is renowned for the supply and manufacture of fine ceramic tiles. Stocking one of the widest product selections from the leading manufacturers around the world, its portfolio is synonymous with luxury and style.

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