Shiro Muchiri of SoShiro Gallery Launches Bespoke Commissioning Consultancy Celebrating Cultural Heritage

    As founder of London art, craft and design gallery SoShiro, Kenyan-born Shiro Muchiri works with artisans all around the world to celebrate and communicate artistic and cultural diversity and heritage.

    In her first collection called "Pok" she paired intricate beadwork inspired by the Pokot community of northwest Kenya with skilled Italian luxury furniture makers.

    Blending the finest of craft cultures from around the world is a 'mission' that Muchiri also strives for in her other role as a successful designer and interior architect, leading a team at Interni Design Studio where they create residential and workspace environments for exacting, international clients.

    Through this offshoot, Muchiri is now designing and producing bespoke furniture and accessories under the name "For SoShiro, by Interni".

    Muchiri designs the pieces herself, working closely with clients who are interested in commissioning one-off pieces which celebrate the future heritage of diverse cultures around the world.

    She then works with skilled makers from a global network cultivated over the past 20 years to bring the designs to life.

    Muchiri says "The best commissions are the ones that are a true collaboration between client, designer and maker. It's a process that requires trust and curiosity on all sides. Through our bespoke consultancy, we hope to make it easier for anyone to collaborate with diverse art, design and craftspeople from across the globe."

    As an example, Muchiri has created The Townhouse Green centre table, a sculptural contemporary design in a vibrant green matte lacquer which transforms the surface of the table evoking the natural lighting of a lush palm tree forest or bamboo grove.

    The leg base is centred to create a sculptural element to the table design whilst also providing an ergonomic solution to avoid table leg interference.

    This table is a set with a larger 240 cm length table and a shorter 120 cm length table providing practical or creative table combinations.

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