Introducing a New Innovation in Bathrooms – The EauZone Framed Wet Room Panel with Mesh Glass from Matki

    Spell-binding in its shimmering effects and hand-woven appearance, the new Matki EauZone Mesh glass shower screen transforms a wet room panel into a highly decorative and opulent partition.

    Introducing the latest release of the EauZone collection from Matki is the spectacular Mesh glass shower screen. This high-class, innovative brass-framed shower screen is characterised by the valuable material it is made of and is intended for those looking to make an opulent statement within their bathroom.

    The mesh itself is metallic so reflects glints of light in spell-binding ways, and is enclosed between two laminated layers of reflective safety glass. The silver or gold mesh is framed all around and interacts in complimentary or exciting ways with different frame finish combinations.

    The panels are enclosed in beautifully proportioned Accent frames made of pure brass material available in a wide range of polished, brushed and natural finishes, including: Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Polished Gold, Brushed Gold, Black Chrome, Brushed Black Chrome, Living Brass, Brushed Brass and Aged Brass.

    Every screen is a combination of elegance and master craftsmanship. Available in a variety of sizes and also bespoke, the Mesh shower screen features careful lines and proportions, symmetry and balance, while innovative design and artisanal skill is expressed across the new, exclusively made collection.Matki’s brass framed Mesh shower screens encapsulate a timeless elegance and enduring quality that has become synonymous with luxury bathroom products, whilst offering an exciting new look for modern bathrooms.

    Prices start from £3,481.20 for an EWMP800 EauZone Silver Mesh Shower Screen.

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