IDS is the Exclusive UK Distributor for Pioneering BE.SAFE Anti-viral Surface protection from Swiss Krono

    Global decorative panel manufacturer Swiss Krono has launched BE.SAFE, a pioneering anti-viral treatment that offers triple protection from viruses, bacteria and fungi.

    Global decorative panel manufacturer Swiss Krono has launched BE.SAFE, a pioneering anti-viral treatment that offers triple protection from viruses, bacteria and fungi.

    The innovative new BE.SAFE surface technology can be specified across the entire Swiss Krono One World range, on any of the 128 decors and any material combination in melamine faced chipboard, MF MDF and compact density fibreboard (CDF), which are widely used in furniture manufacturing in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sector, as well as in commercial, leisure and hospitality applications.

    The BE.SAFE One World products will be exclusively available for nationwide delivery through IDS, with whom Swiss Krono have a long-established exclusive distribution partnership. The minimum order quantity is for 100 boards per décor, with a lead time of six to eight weeks.

    The BE.SAFE anti-viral technology has been exclusively developed in collaboration with a company considered a pioneer in the anti-microbial field. It has been tested to ISO 22196:2011-08 ‘Plastics – Measurement of anti-bacterial activity on plastic surfaces’ and certified by the world-renowned, independent Hohenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co KG in Germany.

    BE.SAFE is an additive used in the manufacture of Swiss Krono surfaces which attacks the membranes of viruses, bacteria and fungi, thereby eliminating any pathogens. It maintains its effectiveness and 24/7 built-in protection throughout the entire life cycle of the decorative surface product. Says Elias Huber, Product Manager at Swiss Krono:

    “BE.SAFE is a groundbreaking new technology that responds to the heightened interest in hygiene since the Covid-19 pandemic began and will help deliver safer and healthier environments by providing decorative surfaces that will actively prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and fungi.”

    “The product combines safety with creative scope for our homes in kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture, as well as commercial spaces such as schools, hotels, restaurants, bars, care homes, dentists, laboratories and healthcare facilities.”

    “Surface contact is a driver of the Covid-19 virus through the transmission of microbes and BE.SAFE is proven to kill microbes within seconds of contact. On uncoated surfaces, viruses and bacteria can remain viable for hours and even days. This happens in everyday situations, from our kitchens at home, to reception desks in shops and hotels, at tables or counters in bars and restaurants, as well as in daycare centres, schools or retirement homes.”

    Concludes Huber:
    “BE.SAFE is not a marketing gimmick, it provides real value on an emotional and practical level to manufacturers, designers, specifiers and consumers. It answers everyone’s need for carefree safety in their day to day life; it reduces the pressure and time for constant sanitising, while still preserving the joy that comes from creatively designed interiors.”

    Watch the BE.SAFE promotional video.

    BE.SAFE and the Swiss Krono One World Collection are exclusively available in the UK from IDS which has 18 branches nationwide.

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