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2021 Fabric Trends

    It probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise that whilst we’ve had to change the way we live our lives this year, our habits and comforts have changed in tandem. Escaping from the everyday for a weekend at an opulent hotel or idyllic farmhouse abruptly came to an end, and we had to seek those luxuries from our own homes.

    As commercial and hospitality environments are striving to succeed and learning to adapt, it’s important they consider what truly brings peace in our new normal. The Sanderson Design Group shares its thoughts on what key trends we’ll see come out of hospitality interiors throughout the next year.

    Being greener, in every sense

    Bringing the outdoors in has been so key for 2020, COVID-19 has left people longing to connect with the great outdoors. Biophilia is real now more than ever. As humans, we are attracted to the beauty in nature, so creating a space that brings those feelings of warmth is paramount. Country spas and hotels will be looking to create a space that brings a real sense of relaxation, and this will show through their interiors. Sanderson’s collaboration with the National Trust couldn’t have come at a better time, inspired by the natural and cultural heritage of the trust’s country homes, garden and fenlands, it gives the industry an opportunity to create a space that brings comfort to our everyday.

    Not only are we going to see designs that are inspired by nature, but 2021 will welcome more concepts of how we can produce more sustainably. The world we live in is so precious. Consumers want to be reassured that the products they surround themselves in, are produced in more eco-friendly ways, whether that’s production methods, sustainable fabrics or transportation.

    More than just texture

    Texture is so important when it comes to interiors. People have an innate desire to touch something that is visually attractive, but clients now want more than just a visual sensation. Whilst hotels are working harder to create spaces that are perfect for Instagram, taking it that step further to create a story alongside it will really resonate and stick with the audience. Creating designs that have provenance and offer something new where it’s not just a visual or superficial attraction. Why not showcase a piece of history on the wall to create a certain sense of feeling in addition to its vision? Palladio from Zoffany is doing just this, witnessing an iconic moment in time, this launch is a celebration of new and original designs presenting an unexpected parallel between this launch and Palladio’s inaugural 1955 launch. Columns is a striking example of this authentic display of history.

    The need for escapism

    Whilst many haven’t been able to travel to their favourite holiday destinations, it only seems right to bring them home instead. The trend for ‘holiday-inspired’ interiors gives everyone a chance to feel like they can escape the everyday. With many luxury hospitality groups considering renovation under the current restrictions, clients are seeking to reinvent their spaces, placing paramount importance on the element of relaxation and retreat with interior spaces. From Moroccan-inspired colour palettes to secret sun traps trending on Instagram and Pinterest, creating a serene haven is a growing trend. Harlequin’s Mirador collection, launched earlier this year, does exactly this. Mirador is the Spanish word for ‘lookout’, featuring designs that are full of Spanish and African influences and come alive with eye-catching, inspirational designs to open up a treasure trove of international style filled with feeling.

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