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Show-stopping Retail

    When a long-established jewellery store prepared to make a move to a better-trafficked location, the owners saw an opportunity to embrace a new look that would appeal to a fresh generation of shoppers. While they wanted the new retail environment to honour their established customer base, they also hoped to appeal to new customers and current tastes.

    Toronto-based design firm Cecconi Simone set out to create a harmonious and timeless design within the 3500ft2 retail space, envisioning an aesthetic that was both sophisticated and approachable. A luxurious backdrop would showcase both the store’s own popular product line and a range of other brands, with a simplified display area, a warm black-and-white colour palette, and rose-gold metal accents for a hint of colour.

    “Jewellery stores can traditionally feel over-cluttered, with brands and products competing for attention. Our challenge was to create a visual style that was simple and minimalistic, bringing focus to the stunning jewellery on display,” says Cecconi Simone Principal, Anna Simone. “To accomplish that, we installed custom jewellery cases and employed contrasting tones that carry the eyes to key focal points. The result is sophisticated but not intimidating – and makes the jewellery the star.”

    A monochromatic white-on-white zone draws the eye first, forming a spine through the centre of the shop and acting as a backdrop for featured displays. On either side, black-on-white zones lead shoppers through, inviting them to peruse both the store brands and those they support. Custom wood and glass cases create continuity throughout – treating the jewellery like art in a gallery and removing the clutter of competing brand marketing – while rose-gold metal highlights both the display cases and accent lighting. The same metal twists like a delicate necklace through a dramatic focal point light fixture above, drawing the eye to a fixture that feels like a piece of jewellery itself.

    Combined, the high-contrast aesthetic creates a sense of balance and rhythm, but the design doesn’t immediately give everything away. Rather, shoppers are invited to come in and explore all the secrets on display, opening up opportunities for one-on-one interactions with staff.

    “The shop’s owners embrace a warm and personalised sales approach, and our aim was to create a space that both represents and supports that,” Simone says. “The aesthetic feels warm and welcoming and encourages people to linger as they deliberate on what can often be a costly, once-in-a-lifetime decision – like purchasing an engagement ring.”

    To accommodate the different types of shoppers that will ultimately visit the store, the design also features a social lounge where shoppers can sit down with a cup of coffee and engage in conversation, as well as a diamond room where they can be left alone in private to deliberate. There’s even an Instagram wall – providing the perfect backdrop for selfies and photos to share with friends.

    “The space is luxurious but not overwhelming, and respects the fact that people have different ways of shopping,” Simone says. “We designed it to give everyone the opportunity to interact however they feel most comfortable.”


    Project name: Classic Creations
    Type: Retail
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Interior design: Cecconi Simone
    Millwork: Unique Store Fixtures
    Size: 3500ft2
    Photography: Shai Gil

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