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Solving the Challenges of Information Exchange

    Thursday 17th September 2020, 10am (BST)

    Join us in our upcoming webinar, “Solving the Challenges of Information Exchange - The Next Steps for BIM”, with Xylem Water Solutions.

    Hosted by our Editor, Rebecca Kemp, we will be joined by Adam Sheehan, System Engineering Tools Application Specialist, Xylem Water Solutions AB, and Jamie Mills, Global BIM Manager at Xylem Water Solutions UK, and Chair of BIM4Water. The webinar takes place on Thursday 17th September at 10am (BST) where they will address the following questions and offer practical solutions.

    Topics include:

    •  Reviewing the journey of BIM, where are we now?
    •  What are the current industry challenges in delivering BIM?
    •  What are the current standards for information exchange?
    •  The direction of travel for BIM in water
    •  How Xylem is assisting in this journey


    Jamie Mills – Global BIM Manager, Xylem Water Solutions UK Ltd.
    Adam Sheehan – System Engineering Tools Application Specialist, Xylem Water Solutions AB

    Speaker profiles:

    Jamie Mills
    Global BIM Manager, Xylem Water Solutions UK Ltd.

    As an Incorporated Mechanical Engineer, Jamie is Xylem’s Global BIM Manager. He is also a member of The Institute of Mechanical Engineers and The Institute of Water. His responsibility as Global BIM Managers is to ensure that all product manufacturers owned by Xylem and Xylem’s colleagues are equipped with the knowledge and ability to deliver compliant product data to customers as and when it is required.

    Jamie’s involvement with BIM started in 2015 after the UK Government mandated its use on centrally procured construction projects. Since then he has become an expert on manufacturer product data exchange and assists in the development of European and International standards.

    The majority of Jamie’s knowledge and experience has been gained through collaboration and engagement with initiatives and projects throughout the water sector. From 2016 to 2019 he chaired the BIM4Water Standard Libraries Group and helped the UK water industry pioneer and agree a standard process to identify data properties used for the development of water industry product data templates. Following on from this he joined the Centre for Digital Built Britain Network Fountain exploring data classification and ontologies for the development of interconnected digital twins. These initiatives lead to the formation of two new BIM4Water groups; the water data taskforce and the water industry classification and hierarchy standards group. In 2019 he was elected chair of BIM4Water and now looks after six task groups with support from a dedicated steering group.

    Adam Sheehan
    System Engineering Tools Application Specialist, Xylem Water Solutions AB

    Adam has responsibility for the Sales Engineering Applications for the Water Infrastructure unit of Xylem, which includes various brands that work with transportation and treatment of water and wastewater as well as dewatering. An electrical engineer by education, Adam has been working in pumping for almost 20 years. In his current role, he has business ownership of various software and tools that help solve different engineering challenges found in the water and wastewater industry.

    Adam also has the responsibility of supporting BIM within Xylem for brands such as Flygt, Wedeco and Sanitaire to ensure that the manufactured products and services within these parts of the company can support customer needs. He started working with BIM requirements in 2015 after moving to Sweden from the United States to become Xylem’s Pump Station Design Specialist. With this role came responsibility for Xylem’s SECAD station design software in which moving towards using 3D data and supporting BIM became a key goal.

    Adam has a strong interest in digital transformation. He has worked in developing programmes for use with VR and AR as well as 3D printing to see how these new technologies can be used to better visualise complex challenges. He is a firm believer that data is the underlying foundation of the digital transformation and has a passion for driving the changes required to make this transformation happen.

    Event Date:

    Date: Thursday 17th September, 2020
    Time: 10am BST time


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