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In the hot seat: Hassan Arji

    The expertise and reputation of the firm Arjitec, based in Marrakech and in Paris, continues to cross borders internationally through the development of several luxury residences, prestigious private projects and high-end hotels.

    After several years collaborating with the largest international architectural and decoration agencies, the family enterprise has been trusted with incredibly ambitious projects, and now manages projects in their entirety. Comprising architects, decorators and engineers, the multidisciplinary agency is fortunate to have the skills of a variety of master craftsmen.

    As a result, the firm is able to successfully combine the abilities within the team to achieve a complete understanding of the project; from the initial design, the eventual construction and most importantly, to deliver the project in the client’s best interests.

    Arjitec’s other great strength lies in its multi-cultural team, which offers both compliance with international standards and optimisation of local skills and specificities. The agency seamlessly adapts to the requirements of its clients through a global approach to projects. It strives to implement the most innovative techniques while respecting budget and sustainable development issues. From the initial design stages, the various architectural and engineering departments work together to offer modern solutions. The collaborative working environment is an indisputable asset for Arjitec, whose portfolio of large, international projects include locations such as Morocco, Uzbekistan, Spain, Kenya, France, Gabon and the United Arab Emirates.

    Here, Inex Editor, Rebecca Kemp, undertakes a brief, 15-minute series of quick-fire questions with Hassan Arji, Registered Architect (DPLG) and Engineer (ESTP) at Arjitec, to find out more about his career.

    Please provide us with a description of your professional career.
    HA: After obtaining my structural engineering diploma, I decided to continue my studies and become an architect.

    What inspired you to become an architect?
    HA: I wanted to incorporate my technical knowledge with aesthetics, beauty and harmony.

    What inspired the start-up of Arjitec?
    HA: It’s a family business created in 1979 by my father. I wanted to expand it internationally.

    What has been your greatest source of inspiration throughout your career?
    HA: My inspiration comes mainly from the history of the place. Each site has a story, a tale, that I tend to reflect in my designs.

    How do you approach your projects?
    HA: It starts with obtaining information from the client and the context of the project, then defining the urban, environmental, aesthetic and technical needs.

    Who is your favourite interior designer and why?
    HA: Architect: Santiago Calatrava (Spanish). Interior designer: Ibrahim Jaya (Indonesian).

    Would you say that you have a design style?
    HA: I find it difficult to define clearly. I would say it is a mix of many different styles.

    What do you believe is the biggest challenge for today’s interior designers?
    HA: I believe the biggest challenge is finding the right client who is ready to dream with you.

    What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?
    HA: I have succeeded by satisfying all my clients’ wishes (design, budget, planning etc.) from design phase to final product. That is my biggest accomplishment to date.

    What has been your most notable project?
    HA: Hotel Particulier Saint Honoré. It is not our biggest project, but it’s the one that has been thought through and executed intricately with its details, like lace.

    Can you talk us through one of your most recent design schemes?
    HA: Our ongoing Palace project in Pakistan. The challenge was to design a super modern, sustainable building, whilst recreating the local atmosphere where the client grew up, before he moved to London.

    Have you witnessed any recurring requests from your clients?
    HA: That their project should be unique and confidential. That is why, unfortunately, we cannot share most of our prestigious projects.

    Do you have any favourite suppliers for your schemes?
    HA: I love to work with small craft suppliers all around the world for tailor-made creations. Maison Fey, Atelier Midavaine, Ulgador, Atelier Gohard, Najean Lighting etc.

    What advice would you offer to those that are considering a career in design?
    HA: To not neglect the technical side of design and to not pollute their creativity with design websites – such as Pinterest.

    What can we expect to see from you over the next year?
    HA: A luxury Ritz Carlton hotel at Dar Essalam and two amazing resorts for GFH Bank.

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