Monday, 23 March 2020 16:01

A twisted classic

    A new staircase has transformed the hallway in a stunning refurbished property into an open and welcoming space. Bisca’s unusual design features a striking balustrade with twisted uprights made in bronze, which cast a warm glow over the room.

    A work of art in its own right, the balustrade turns a classic staircase into something extraordinary, while remaining true to the elegance of a classical style of the Richard Grafton Interiors-designed rooms. The forged and organically formed bronze uprights are twisted in a captivating design adding a luxurious, glamorous feel to the stair, complementing the straight plan of the staircase beautifully. The uprights are capped with an oval profile leather handrail which adds a flowing feel to the design. Repositioned to maximise comfort in the space available and to open up the view to the garden beyond, the new staircase has flared treads at the bottom and curved landing edges to the first floor. The treads and risers are made in character oak, stained to match the flooring below and topped with a carpet runner. At the foot of the stair, two larger treads wind slightly, to turn the entrance/exit of the staircase away from the wall.

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