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Bim Burton and Kaldewei take sustainability to next level

    Bim Burton is an innovative modern Furniture Maker and Designer, creating timeless designs with space-saving ideas. Taking this year’s theme of (Re)act at designjunction, Bim and Kaldewei have worked together to create, exclusively for designjunction, a series of recyclable, sustainable unique bath chairs in three different styles. These were showcased within the Installations area, located in Lewis Cubitt Park, Kings Cross, London, throughout designjunction.

    Kaldewei steel enamel baths are 100% recyclable, made from Kaldewei’s own superior steel enamel and have been ingeniously crafted to Bim’s unique design – creating beautiful designer chairs for designjunction’s visitors to relax in. Designer Bim Burton explains more in our interview.

    Why did you want to be part of designjunction?

    I was really flattered to be asked to take part in designjunction this year. I was recommended by British Designer Steuart Padwick, the creator of the breathtaking sculpture ‘Head Above Water’, also on show in London. designjunction is one of the best destinations during the London Design Festival (LDF), so obviously, I just couldn’t say no.

    Where did the idea to create bath chairs come from?

    The theme this year is (Re)act and renew so when designjunction asked me what I would design, I immediately thought of the bath chair as it’s an object which is not only functional but has the chance of a second life. The Kaldewei bath makes a great exterior for seating, and I thought this was relevant today with the theme re-use as well as being great for an outside seating area.

    Why is sustainability so important to you?

    Sustainability should be important to everyone. Kaldewei’s baths are 100% recyclable; so perfect for this product. During my time as a designer, I have recycled many objects into practical and interesting pieces of furniture.

    Why Kaldewei?

    Again, this was a recommendation, this time from designjunction. I’ve found Kaldewei to be very enthusiastic when working with their baths. I couldn’t believe how well-made and strong they are; I would definitely recommend them as a bath for their design and durability alone. Kaldewei were very generous in providing me with the chance to realise my design idea of turning baths into chairs – to reuse baths as seating. Kaldewei provided their steel enamel baths for me to cut and work out different ways to use the parts as chairs. I turned them up, sideways, and discovered how many variations I could make. I am very grateful for them trusting me and my imagination.

    How did you find working with steel enamel?

    Cutting the steel wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had imagined, cutting the steel with the right tools is very forgiving!

    What was the biggest challenge?

    In a word – time. There just isn’t enough of it. Time is so precious, I usually have very little of it to bring a project together.

    What was the most fun?

    I’ve enjoyed working with the challenge of the bath shape and its material, as well as having the freedom to use my creativity bringing to life my design – transforming the baths into bath chairs!

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