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The creativity and passion behind Lyndon

    Behind every elegant piece of furniture is a great designer and that’s no different at Lyndon.

    Tom Potts, 27, who is based in the Cheltenham factory, is responsible for designing and developing new products for the portfolio, something which he revels in.

    “Having the opportunity to be creative on a daily basis has always been an ambition of mine since a young age. I find the challenge of designing new products and maximising efficiency through manufacture very rewarding, especially when working alongside talented people,” Tom explains.

    At Lyndon, Tom’s role involves assessing and reviewing current collections for potential opportunities, forming a brief and reference research, followed by conceptual sketch work and 3D CAD models.

    “A visual mock-up is built for aesthetic reference, which allows us to refine the visual element of the product. Once this is established, it is then a case of developing manufacturing processes to enable the product to flow through the factory, before engineering the product to withstand industry standard requirements. Once all of this is completed, we then move on to marketing and applying the finishing touches ready for a product release.”

    However, it’s not just Tom that’s responsible for the elegance that each piece of Lyndon’s furniture exudes, as he explains: “We have a great design team at Lyndon; working hard to constantly develop our approach to design and expand upon our knowledge to create pieces of furniture that the company will be proud to showcase in the collection is a passion we all share.

    “It’s not just the design team either, everyone in the Lyndon family has an equally important role in the process of completing a piece of furniture, from the upholsterers to the sanders and delivery team, they all play a part in making our designs a reality.

    “Our current portfolio is especially strong, and we have some very exciting additions in development. The new Nevez range is one that I am especially proud of as we have been able to maintain the original vision. Sometimes as product development evolves, details of the design can sometimes be sacrificed in order to achieve completion.

    “Fortunately, this was not the case with Nevez, which I believe showcases the strength of Lyndon’s brand and heritage and our restless pursuit of excellence.”

    The Nevez range was born from a desire to provide the portfolio with a bench range that offers the traditional Lyndon values with an injection of something a little different.

    The design ambition was to create a minimalist product which combines proportion, use of materials and details to create an elegant, yet architectural structure. Nevez maintains a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, and after a great deal of time, care and effort from multiple departments, Lyndon has created a product to be proud of.

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