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    Landa was founded in 1987 in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, specialising in outdoor residential and public lighting sector. Attentive research, exemplary quality control and, as a result, an excellent performance of Landa luminaires have led the company to stand out in the industry at national and, especially, international level.

    The symbiosis of natural and artificial light gives life to refined aesthetic effects and luminous nuances. By filling and embellishing spaces, at the same time, they interact with the environment.

    The Landa range of products is available in the widest range of applications: wall or floor recessed, wall or ceiling ones, all capable of drawing ad hoc light accents.

    Pendant applications, together with bollards and projectors, are perfect for emphasising porches, entrances and walkways, while the compendium of linear and traditional design is achieved in pole lamps, ideal for gardens and public areas. Wide, flood or spot beam effects, or asymmetric ones; for each environment, the most suitable light. The wide range of families, available in different sizes as well as with different optics and finishes: an elegant but customisable design that does not forfeit efficiency.

    Define outdoor architecture and transform it with smart lighting. This is not just a matter of aesthetics: performance that meets design needs has primary importance. Outdoor luminaires by Landa, with IP65/67 protection grade that make it immune to atmospheric agents and impacts caused by external conditions, ensure a high quality of light.

    A high colour rendering index creates luminous outputs in symbiosis with natural light, and tempered glass guarantees not only resistance but also maximum quality of the emissions, never invasive or disturbing to the human eye.

    The specific treatments specially developed in the company’s own research laboratories and realised in an eco-sustainable way ensure longevity to the product. Hence, the minimisation of maintenance operations that makes the Landa proposal ideal for lighting projects that deal with the outdoors.

    Finally, the possibility of providing a light control system able to dialogue with the day, the night and the chromatic changes of natural light, making even the simplest of products optimal.

    All Landa Lighting products are designed directly within the company, situated in Lumezzane, a territory strongly impacted by entrepreneurial spirit. The entire production takes place inside the company’s establishments, where the competent and expert team monitors the processes in their entirety: from the idea to the final delivery, ensuring a zero defect product.

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