Wednesday, 28 November 2018 11:57

Clever curtain designs

    Rennes and Chainettes, two curtains designed for Kvadrat, are the first realisations out of the 17 Screens collection of partitions that were exhibited in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2015.

    The Rennes and Chainettes collections are based on embroidery techniques. But while they share the same pattern, they are very different.

    Rennes features wide, diagonal and vertical, densely stitched stripes which intersect, creating bold colourful forms. Chainettes, on the other hand, is subtler, it’s made of thin lines embroidered with braids.

    The curtains are designed to play with light and shadow. Rennes gets intensely colourful when light hits, whereas Chainettes is more transparent. The thin indication of colours inside the lines softly react to the light.

    The pieces convey a certain memory of old handcrafted embroideries, but the French design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s approach to the patterns is a very engineered and precise technique.

    The brothers explain: “Embroidery has always been something important to us. The area where we come from, Brittany, has a long tradition about it. We saw in various occasions traditional clothes with gold yarns and colourful patterns. We have always had an interest in it and for this collection, the delicacy, the lightness of this technique was the proper translation of our drawings.”

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