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Style Library Contract explores the mural trend

    Adorning the exteriors and interiors of many iconic spaces – be they palaces, temples or tombs – murals are arguably one of the first forms of wall decoration blurring the lines between art and storytelling.

    Modern-day equivalents captivate the eye in a similar sense, with a resurgence in demand for scenic wallpaper – we are seeing more and more hotels, restaurants and bars with walls covered in oversized florals, statement geometrics or picturesque forests.

    Style Library Contract (SLC) explores this trend and how it has been used to entice and engage audiences within contract settings.

    We can see that nature’s influence – whether it be forests, trees or flowers – has been a long-standing inspiration in wallpaper design but these elements can also be presented with more theatre and depth in a scenic format with bold colours and oversized seedheads, artichokes, figs, pomegranates and other exotic fruits.

    While some designs preserve an artistic style that is orientated towards nature and botanical elements, there is room to explore different styles that still utilise the mural’s power to encapsulate a space but with a different outlook. Landscape painting has always been praised for its ability to bring the wonders of the outside world, emerging as an independent genre in the 16th century, with some Chinese iterations even dating back to the 4th century. Evoking the beauty of picturesque mountains, soft seashores or flower-filled fields, scenic wallpapers emit a sense of scale that envelopes an audience and presents a space as infinitely open and endless.

    Ultimately, it seems that we will continue to see murals take centre stage in contract markets and interiors. An embodiment of scale, atmosphere and drama – they convey a narrative and engage audiences in a visual sense. With a myriad of choices available from Style Library Contract, be they classical or contemporary, there is every concept available to create engaging and memorable interiors.

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