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Sound advice for TripAdvisor

    The design of TripAdvisor’s UK head office was greatly influenced by an airport departure lounge. The company transformed the huge and noisy space into a welcoming, peaceful place, reinforcing the brand image all through the use of clever acoustic treatments.

    The brief for the first floor was to create a professional yet quirky space to clearly communicate the brand and tie in all the other office floors which are themed around continents. This multifunctional floor houses an employee workspace, an external meeting and hospitality venue and the main reception area.

    Soho Square, located in the heart of London, is an historical building which presented many challenges for the design and build team. The reception situated in the atrium was a particularly problematic area with glass walls, an 11m-high ceiling and incredibly reverberant. With several ongoing activities in the same open-plan space simultaneously, sound levels were expected to echo and become intolerable. After extensive analysis by an acoustician, the data collected defined the project scope, and through the innovative deployment of acoustic treatment the noise reduction solution was found.

    The design theme for this area was based around a departure lounge. Turbine-style booth seating and fuselage-suspended ceilings give the feeling of being in an airport whilst affirming TripAdvisor’s very distinguishable identity.

    Soundtect created the main acoustic absorbers as a giant landscape of projecting felt fins applied to the double-storey wall. Composed of 100% polyester, 70% of which is (PET) recycled material, the individual panels are environmentally-friendly, lightweight, versatile and easily installed with hidden fixings to produce a floating effect. By coordinating the panels into the overall design, they also complement the company’s distinct colour scheme.

    The fins create an undulating surface which absorb sound and eliminate the echo. Not only do they enhance sound quality, but they’re an eye-catching design feature tying in with the aviation-themed seating booths and coffee table made from an aircraft wing.

    The attention to detail in this project is clearly visible. TripAdvisor has truly created a stylish and light environment without having to compromise the functionality of the open-plan space to incorporate acoustic measures.

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