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Coordonné shows you a number of different uses for wallpaper

    Thinking about wallpaper, the first thing that comes to mind is the wallcovering in a living room or bedroom. However, it can have many other less common and more creative uses. With just a little imagination, you can give a new look to furniture or surfaces within minutes.

    On the outside of furniture

    Covering furniture with paper allows you to restore the items or give them a breath of fresh air in a practical, easy and inexpensive way. You can completely renovate any piece of furniture, regardless of its style – you just need a solid base to apply the paper to.

    Using wallpaper can give a second life to old or damaged furniture, but also make a piece of furniture that once didn’t fit in the room combine harmoniously with the rest of the space. You can also create a contrast and turn a simple object into a unique focal point of a room.

    On the inside of furniture

    What’s on the inside matters the most, so we should take care of the inside of furniture too! You can cover the inside of a wardrobe or a drawer to create more original pieces.

    Framing the paper

    Wallpaper leftovers can be a piece of art. You just need a frame, a bit of wallpaper and your imagination. Cut, combine, frame and voila!

    On lampshades

    Did you know that you can create lampshades with wallpaper? Updating them is very easy – you just need scissors, glue and the base of an old lamp. You can transform an old lampshade into an unique piece of art.

    On a headboard

    Create your own design for the headboard and integrate it in the bedroom decoration. You just have to choose the wallpaper you want to go to bed with each day, glue it to the wall and frame to make it look like a headboard.

    On the ceiling

    It’s a forgotten space in lots of houses, but if we want to stand out, we must pay attention to ceilings. Using wallpaper on the ceiling, will give it an important role and the decoration will be much more interesting.

    These are just some ideas of the many uses that wallpaper has. It’s a product with a huge number of possibilities.

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