Soundtect Portfolio

    Soundtect 3-D panel Installation Video 2016
    Please view the installation video for installing our fabulous 3-D acoustic panels
    Sustainable Acoustic Solutions
    Address the reverberation & add not only a calming factor but also a WOW factor.
    Soundtect in Education
    Whether it is break out areas, canteens, class rooms or lecture halls Soundtect's ranges of acoustic panels have something to fit every budget, applic...
    Soundtect announces the launch of Freestyle® Acoustic Product
    UK based Acoustic solutions supplier – Soundtect is excited to announce the launch of their new Freestyle® product range, a lightweight, semi rigid...
    Soundtect Showroom
    Whether it is break out areas, canteens, class rooms or lecture halls Soundtect's ranges of acoustic panels have something to fit every budget, applic...
    Soundtect Acoustic Panels
    Innovative designs providing acoustical solutions for Education, Offices, Commercial, Hospitality, Leisure and Domestic applications.
    Turn the sound of silence into the sound of success
    If you’d like more ‘shiny, happy people’ in your team, then acoustics are the simple solution to a more productive workforce.
    Soundtect launch its acoustic Freestyle range
    If you have an issue with reverberation or excessive noise, there are plenty of ways to address it, but have you thought about the environment as you...
    Continuing the cycle
    Roughly 12 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. It’s a sobering thought and finally seems to have the governments attention but som...
    Acoustic solutions for the eco-conscious consumer
    Workplace balance is vitally important but is the quality of sound as good as the lighting, furniture or temperature where you work?
    3D Install Sheet
    3D Install Sheet from Soundtect.
    Baffle Installation Guides
    Baffle Installation Guides from Soundtect.
    Bespoke from Soundtect.
    Brochure July 2019
    Brochure July 2019 from Soundtect.
    Class Above
    Class Above from Soundtect.
    Class Circles
    Class Circles from Soundtect.
    Class Wall Panels
    Class Wall Panels from Soundtect.
    Colour Swatch 2019
    Colour Swatch 2019 from Soundtect.
    Cubism from Soundtect.
    Forest from Soundtect.
    Freestyle Installation Guide
    Freestyle Installation Guide from Soundtect.
    Freestyle Spec Sheet 2019
    Freestyle Spec Sheet 2019 from Soundtect.
    Prism from Soundtect.
    Splat from Soundtect.
    Technics from Soundtect.
    Tetris from Soundtect.
    Wave from Soundtect.
    Turning Ocean Pollution into Sound Solution
    Did you know that every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circula...
    Eco-conscious acoustics from Soundtect
    Noise pollution is the primary cause of a reduction in productivity and can contribute to stress and illness; which can also play a part in absenteeis...

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