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    FW Lighting
    Baulmann Leuchten, German manufactured lighting
    Baulmann Leuchten are manufacturers of lighting and mirrors for hospitality, office, restaurant, bar and high-end residential sector.
    BELL from Icono
    A collection of large pendant lamps made using sustainable FSC wood veneers.
    Baranska launches a product platform of unique glass creations
    During the period 1300-1400, glass workers in Venice first began to create glass pieces using metal oxides and fused glass methods. The technique (the...
    Dolce / Domo by Europantalla
    Light fixtures have the ability to transform spaces, no matter their type or size. Europantalla produces a varied collection of contemporary and retro...
    Diversity through Design, why settle for less?
    When creating a new interior many points of view have to be taken into consideration not least, how to appeal to the target audience, setting and cult...
    Bold designs from Baranska
    Baranska design are well known in Europe for their artistic glass installations such as the ”Wings of Freedom” sculpture found in Gdansk airport....
    Metal Collection by Ineslam
    A collection of contemporary and vintage retro industrial pendant lights available in a wide range of colours, shapes and finishes.
    FIORE by Calemide
    The light source is covered by a pearl white glass diffuser that spreads a pleasant diffused light. FIORE’s petals create a fascinating play of ligh...
    Mix by Europantalla
    Light fixtures have the ability to transform spaces, no matter their type or size, and Europantalla provides the user with a varied collection of cont...
    Feria Habitat, Valencia
    Icono lighting has just finished launching new products at the Feria furniture event in Valencia.
    LOE, designed by Iria Degen
    At this year’s Sleep Event, Baulmann Leuchten will be unveiling a collection of decorative table and floor lights created in collaboration with reno...

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