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    New Dune eVo ceiling tile range helps architects meet targets around sustainability and acoustics
    Architects striving to design more sustainable and attractive modern buildings are being given a helping hand by Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, after th...
    A Book 2017
    A Book 2017 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Prelude 24 TLS, new grid system from Armstrong Ceilings
    A New Hook Solution that is simple, stable and solid
    TrioGuard dirt resistant coating for Metal Ceiling Systems
    TrioGuard from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Wood Ceilings
    Wood Ceilings from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Mainline Brochure 2014
    Mainline Brochure 2014 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Healthcare Brochure
    Healthcare Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Grid Suspension Systems Catalogue
    Grid Suspension Systems Catalogue from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Grid Seismic Applications Brochure
    Grid Seismic Applications Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Environment Brochure
    Environment Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    On-center Linear Lighting with XAL Layout Guide
    On-center Linear Lighting with XAL Layout Guide from Armstrong Ceilings.
    OP Ceilings
    OP Ceilings from Armstrong Ceilings.
    TechZone Ceiling Systems Selection Guide
    TECHZONE Ceiling Systems Selection Guide from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Acoustical Guide - General Definitions
    Acoustical Guide - General Definitions from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Active Acoustical Guide
    Active Acoustical Guide from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Axiom Brochure
    Axiom Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    CoolZone Brochure
    CoolZone Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    CoolZone Schools
    CoolZone Schools from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Effects on Metal
    Effects on Metal from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Floating Ceilings
    Floating Ceilings from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Green Brochure
    Green Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Education Brochure
    Education Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    DGS Brochure
    DGS Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Ceilings and Walls
    Metal Ceilings and Walls from Armstrong Ceilings.
    BRE Guide
    BRE Guide from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Creator of Interior Building Solutions
    Creator of Interior Building Solutions from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Passive Acoustical Guide
    Passive Acoustical Guide from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Ultima Brochure
    Ultima Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    LOOK UP with Armstrong Ceiling Solutions
    Ceilings worth LOOKING UP to from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions
    Recycling Programme
    Recycling Programme by Armstrong Ceilings.
    TechZone System
    TechZone System - A ceiling solution with integrated technical services with industry leading partners.
    Dune eVo – Discover the next evolution in ceiling tiles
    Orange Armstrong Ceilings help the sun rise on a regeneration first
    Orange ceiling and wall systems by Armstrong feature on a flagship office building. Ceiling and wall systems by Armstrong have provided form AND funct...
    TechZone™ from Armstrong Ceilings is now simpler to use
    Armstrong Ceilings has further simplified its ground-breaking TechZone™ system, which was the industry’s first easy-to-specify-and-install ceiling...
    Armstrong Ceilings showcases European projects in its A Book for 2017
    Proof that ceilings are no longer an afterthought in the design and build process is contained within the glossy new A Book for 2017 from Armstrong.
    Armstrong Ceilings help transform the multi-storey Parsons Tower
    A myriad of acoustic ceiling systems from Armstrong feature on a new-look college building.
    Armstrong PCM Ceilings help a new health unit keep its Cool
    Ceiling systems from Armstrong were specified for a new Pre-Operative Assessment Department and Surgical Admissions Suite at Bristol Royal Infirmary f...
    Optima Baffles Curves pioneered by Armstrong Ceilings
    Armstrong Ceilings has stolen an industry first with the launch of Optima Baffles Curves to enhance its existing range of rectangular ones.
    Armstrong Ceilings prove just the tonic for patients and the environment in Glasgow
    The new South Glasgow University Hospital and Royal Hospital for Children, which was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen on July 3rd and conseq...
    Bold and Colourful – Armstrong Ceilings presents its new A Book 2017 video
    A Book 2017
    Metal B-H 300
    Metal B-H 300 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Ceilings Overview
    Metal Ceilings Overview from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Clip-In Premium B15
    Metal Clip-In Premium B15 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Clip-In Premium OP19
    Metal Clip-In Premium OP19 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Clip-In
    Metal Clip-In from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal D-H 700
    Metal D-H 700 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal F-Clip Access
    Metal F-Clip Access from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal F-H 600
    Metal F-H 600 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Hook-On
    Metal Hook-On from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal K-H 400
    Metal K-H 400 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Lay-In Premium B15
    Metal Lay-In Premium B15 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Lay-In Premium OP19
    Metal Lay-In Premium OP19 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Lay-In
    Metal Lay-In from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Perforations
    Metal Perforations from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal Q-Clip
    Metal Q-Clip from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal R-Clip
    Metal R-Clip from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal R-H 200
    Metal R-H 200 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal R-H 215
    Metal R-H 215 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal R-L 201
    Metal R-L 201 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal S-Clip F
    Metal S-Clip F from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal T-Clip F
    Metal S-Clip T from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal V-P 500
    Metal V-P 500 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Metal W-H 1000
    Metal W-H 1000 from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Mineral Dune eVo Brochure
    Mineral Dune eVo Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Mineral Perla Brochure
    Mineral Perla Brochure from Armstrong Ceilings.
    OP dB Standard Acoustical Solutions
    OP dB Standard Acoustical Solutions from Armstrong Ceilings.
    Top of the class: How ceilings are aiding learning for today’s youth
    A school is a world in itself. A self-contained eco-system which, like our wider world, is experiencing over-crowding, with class sizes rising, and a...
    Raising expectations: Ceiling design in the experience economy
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ marketing communications manager Isabel Blanco reflects on life in the era of the experience economy: a time where ever...
    Ultra-green Armstrong ceilings help npower with in-house sustainability Manufacturer’s Dune eVo tiles feature in an agile working programme.
    Ultra-green ceiling tiles by Armstrong Ceiling Solutions are helping one of Britain's leading utility companies focus on providing low-carbon, sustain...
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions launches new website Site designed to reflect offer of “the best products, value and service” at a click of a button
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has relaunched its website to better reflect its leading range of mineral fibre ceiling and suspension systems.
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has simplified its recycling scheme
    The pioneering programme is now even easier for contractors to use.
    The cycle of life: Reimagining, revitalising and reinventing our spaces
    Space is a universal constraint, and with the UN projecting that 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, time is also constr...
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions wins ISO 4500
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ UK manufacturing facility has successfully migrated – in super-quick time - to ISO 45001 for its Occupational Health...
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions launches new online product catalogue
    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has released its new mineral ceilings and suspension systems catalogue as an online flip book for ease of use and on-the-g...

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