For over 25 years Armourcoat has been the world leading supplier of wall finishes offering a complete service for a diverse range of decorative, innovative wall decorations and operates through a global network of agents and specialist applicators providing high quality service and installation across the world. This has resulted in specifications for exclusive retail outlets, hotel and restaurant chains commercial as well a government buildings spanning several continents with architects being offered consistency throughout the world.

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    The family owned company has its headquarters in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, which also houses the R & D, design centre, laboratories, QC and production. In 2009 Armourcoat established a new national sales office as well as distribution and production centre in Las Vegas to service the North American and Canadian market. This wholly owned subsidiary of Armourcoat gives the company a strong platform in the US from which to grow and develop.

    Armourcoat products are durable, cleanable and repairable as well as aesthetically pleasing. They can be seamless or supplied in modular panels for walls and ceilings and can also be applied on columns and curves, achieving what other decorative solutions cannot.

    Many of our product lines are made from natural minerals, including recycled marble powder. As well as being environmentally friendly, all Armourcoat finishes are backed up with stringent quality controls and performance test data.

    With a comprehensive web site in place containing, visuals, extensive product catalogues and technical data sheets at the tip of a finger, Armourcoat can help in the planning process giving inspiration, product information and technical guidance.

    Architects and designers alike have turned to Armourcoat to achieve their personal vision of excellence utilising Armourcoat's launch of new finishes throughout the year to reflect current fashions and the everchanging needs of the market place.

    The scope and size of Armourcoat Surface Finishes can be seen in its range, comprising of 4 different products:

    Armourcoat Polished Plaster:

    The enduring elegance and beauty of polished plaster remains the company’s classic offering of standard and custom high end wall finishes. Armourcoat polished plasters give sumptuous finishes which can be enhanced by a host of textures and colours, thereby blending or contrasting with any setting, whether classical or modern. Emulating quarried stone such as marble and limestone is achieved easily, convincingly and cost-effectively – particularly for columns and curves – and with significantly less weight. The incredible hardness and durability of Armourcoat polished plasters ensure years of maintenance-free service with no fear of cracking or fading. What’s more, the unique Armourcoat aesthetic will ensure the material remains a cut above the more usual internal decorative finishes.

    Armourcoat Sculptural®:

    This is the company’s most recent and remarkable success story which has already won accolades from the architectural world. With its dramatic, sculptural, seamless wall designs, Sculptural® gives identity and character to any interior. Some of the 20 designs on offer are based on a single panel that creates a repeating pattern; others are made from a sequence of different panels that can be integrated together in many ways to create totally unique sculpted walls.


    The ArmourCast® stone finish casting products represent stunning textures and effects with the look and feel of real stone. The panels offer a modular solution for commercial, retail and hospitality clients.


    With ArmourColor® the company’s objective for a full range of interior finishes has been met. ArmourColor has been designed to not only look and feel gorgeous, but also to be hard-wearing, hygienic and cost effective.

    The NEW Rusteel® finish from this range offers an authentic rusted iron or patina effect, creating an aged, weather-beaten, metal surface. This time-worn finish similar to weathering (or Corten) steel is created from a water-based paint with metal particles which naturally tarnish when activated. A sealer coat is used once the desired effect is achieved and provides a further protective layer.

    Armourcoat Surface Finishes aims to remain the catalyst for design solutions whilst delivering consistently outstanding installations.

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