AEON Sculptural Heating

    Just one quick glance through this collection of luxurious heated sculptures from AEON is enough to demonstrate how eclectic the range of designs, sizes and influences is. Our top class team of designers have been inspired by so many different themes and ideas that it would be impossible to list them all on just one page.

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    Influences come from across the globe as well: oriental designs have been included alongside more Mediterranean creations. Influences from the natural world have also been incorporated in the collection to contrast with industrially inspired structures and sculptures. There really is something to suit everyone’s taste and style.

    Techniques of the trade

    Far more than simple heating devices, the AEON range of luxury radiators and heated towel rails has been designed and developed using state-of-the-art production techniques that combine beauty with heating efficiency and durability. For example, all our products are welded using a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding technique, which results in joints that are equally as strong as the main body of the radiator, as well as being a visually pleasing part of the whole piece.

    Another technique we are particularly proud of allows us to create stunning bars that have been twisted uniformly to create a line of alternating brushed and polished steel surfaces. A special twisting machine allows us to manipulate stainless steel poles of almost any length and size to create a vertical or horizontal design with up to three twists per line. What a head turner.

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