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    Lighting Sensations have a deep knowledge in designing and implementing lighting schemes for residential and commercial projects. We optimise the lighting effects in any environment. We can make you feel cocooned in deep luxury or energised ready to take over the world. If you want a creative approach and someone with the technical knowledge to implement the lighting into your project, then we should talk?

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    Lighting Sensations Ltd was established over 24 years ago and are based in Cambridge.

    Regardless of the size of the project, we specialise in designing the lighting scheme, supplying high quality lights and if you want we will install and commission the final lighting scenes.

    What we do and deliver:

    • Outline and conceptual design.
    • Technical surveys.
    • Installer annotation.
    • Schedules of every single piece of equipment to get the work done.


    Our aim is to produce the optimum lighting outcome for you and your project in the most pleasant and least stressful manner for you.

    1. Reliable to maintain. 2. Simple to use. 3. Low energy

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