Moveable partitions specialists, Style, recently celebrated their 100th UK Skyfold installation at the prestigious Telefónica Digital headquarters in central London. Unique in the market, Skyfold is a fully automatic partitioning system that silently unfolds from the ceiling cavity at the press of a button, creating an exceptional temporary wall that delivers acoustic privacy to all users in the divided area.  Working with contractor Overbury and architect TP Bennett, Style recommended installing two Skyfold units in the main Telefónica meeting area effectively maximising use of the facility.

Since being appointed the exclusive UK Skyfold agent ten years ago, Style has focused on increasing awareness of this revolutionary, vertical-folding partitioning solution amongst the key target audience of architects, specifiers and contractors.

“Interest is at an all time high and we are serving clients in a wide range of sectors including corporate, hospitality, local authority and education,” enthuses Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “We’re now specified for an additional twenty installations this year alone.”

Attended by over fifty key architects, contractors and clients, the 100th installation celebration marked an important landmark in the meteoric rise in Skyfold sales. “Telefónica Digital’s offices are a showpiece for modern working and productivity and are designed with true innovative thinking. Skyfold perfectly complements such an environment representing the leading edge of flexible space creation,” confirms Sargent. “The level of attendance at this event demonstrates how much interest there is in this innovative moveable wall solution.”

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Skyfold not only delivers the wow-factor but the acoustic qualities of the system are impressive too - up to Rw56dB. This allows people on one side of the partition to enjoy almost complete privacy, even when a relatively noisy activity is taking place directly on the other side. Such an high level of acoustic performance is only achieved thanks to product quality and Style’s careful attention to detail at the planning and installation phases, ensuring services running through the ceiling cavity do not interfere with the acoustic barrier.  

Operated automatically once the Skyfold is lowered, pressure sensitive end seals ensure the unit is firmly locked into place to ensure maximum acoustic performance is delivered.


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