Frameless Glass Balustrades, Nigeria

    The installation of curved glass balustrades to a luxury residential property in Nigeria.

    For the construction of a new luxury home in Lagos the home owner had designed an impressive entrance hall with a double staircase curving up to the first floor landing.

    Each individual glass balustrade panel was manufactured in 21.5mm thick laminated and toughened low iron safety glass and bolt fixed to the outside face of the concrete staircase. With glass on both sides of the staircase and a seamless interface between stairs and landing, each curved glass panel has a different radius, requiring careful and accurate measurements. Straight glass panels forming the return balustrade on the landing are cut to fit round the individual steps to the first floor.

    The glass panels are fixed to the concrete with a double row of bolts, leaving a consistent 20mm gap between glass and concrete to allow for cleaning.

    Ion’s technical team travelled to Nigeria to make the initial survey, recognising the requirement for 100% accuracy: with manufacture in the UK and the logistics around transportation of the bespoke curved glass panels this project had a zero margin for error or replacement. Once the glass had been shipped to Lagos, the team travelled out to Nigeria again to undertake the installation. The Ion team successfully installed the glass balustrade, within the specific timeframes allowed, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations.

    A truly spectacular result: despite the challenging logistics of supplying and installing a wholly bespoke glass balustrade to a project in Nigeria, Ion achieved a flawless finish. The client expressed his delight with the curved balustrade, which truly enhances his new home.

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