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Top tips on paint hues for the upcoming season

    Autumn is a time of change and, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, one of the most noticeable of those changes are the colours. Here, Brewers Home, connoisseur of colour, provides its top tips for bringing those beautiful autumnal tones into your clients’ spaces.

    The changing seasons bring with it a change in colours; suddenly the view from a living room window is quite different to the view met with in summer, and a huge contrast to the sight of winter awaiting. Where bright flowers bloomed in summer, autumn leaves now replace them, and the colours that come with this season are simply beautiful – especially when bringing that palette inspiration indoors.

    On-trend colours for autumn

    People often look to warmer colours when the autumn months arrive, and as a result, blues, greens, browns and reds are always on top of the autumn trend list. Depending on the room that’s being decorated, it can be a nice idea to match fairly bold colours. But equally, picking one colour your client loves and combining two different shades creates a lovely light-meets-dark effect.

    Greens and browns are a lovely way to reflect the goings-on outside, with leaves turning those autumnal shades. Equally, a light, earthy brown alongside a warmer, dusky pink-tinged brown creates a natural feel with a bit of comfort. These are two shades which ideally contribute to a classic, rustic or almost gothic feel in the home. Dark shades of green and brown complement rustic wood materials, tiles or even stone, so are perfect for either a dining room or a sophisticated bathroom scheme.

    Dusty colours and smoky tones are coming through strongly this autumn, in particular pinks. The slightly toned-down nature of these colours makes a scheme feel timeless and gentle, plus easy to coordinate with. People often associate pastels with giving a rather cool feel to the room, but with a hint of something darker, pastels become a sophisticated alternative to either cleaner pastels or those neutral tones you may treat as your ‘go-to’ for matching with furniture or carpets. Bedrooms, in either a residential or commercial setting, perhaps in a hotel, often benefit greatly from using these colours, as it creates a feeling of pure simplicity that allows interior designers complete creative freedom when it comes to fabrics and accessories, such as cushions, duvet sets, pillows and any extra furniture.

    Even when opting for a more neutral look, it’s still good to have those pops of colour. One really exciting addition to the autumn 2016 palette is orange, which many restaurants are beginning to use to catch the eye of a passing potential customer. Whether simply a tinge within a red paint or as bold as you can get, orange creates a vivid talking point. How much you use it is personal preference of course, but alongside more neutral tones, or even clashed against a bold blue or sunny yellow, this playful colour addition transports people into a nostalgic calm whilst providing a strong stimulation effect. This colour is very much trending for autumn 2016.

    For those clients who don’t much like the brighter tones, and perhaps more appropriate for a living room or hallway, we love those deep red paints with a hint of orange or a burnt orange colour scheme. Red of course is associated with passion, danger and anger – some fairly strong emotions – but, as soon as the shades are combined, their effects nullify. Many paints that combine hints of two different colours keep your eyes questioning themselves: is that red or orange; is that blue or green? Your clients could feel like they’re in a different room each time they walk in.

    Dark blues or violets are colours that are always very popular during the autumn season. These shades have a naturally calming effect and go beautifully with either contemporary-look or classic furniture. The combination of dark and light violet brings an almost spring-like, bluebell fields-inspired feel, whilst still maintaining the warmth that’s needed in interiors in autumn.

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