Coloured wood furniture - more than just a splash

Here Tim Armitt, Managing Director at Lyndon by Boss Design, discusses the importance of colour in commercial furniture.

When it comes to interior design, it’s often said that the design process is never complete without considering the use of colours and colour combinations. Whether it’s to highlight a particular feature, establish an identity, or create a mood, the impact that colour can have on a room and its occupants is undisputed. Colour also takes on a whole new meaning in the commercial arena and has been known to make or break a space. For instance, whilst the use of warm tones, like red, orange and yellow can energise a space; cooler tones such as blue, green and purple can help create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Also, as well as highlighting or obscuring an object, the clever use of colour can emphasise or diminish shapes and architectural details.

Whilst we know that colour can have a profound effect on a space, it has been the neutrals, taupes and the ever-popular grey that have reigned supreme for many years in the commercial environment. However, all of that is set to change – vibrant colours are back with a vengeance.

Commercial Furniture

Whether it’s for leisure, hospitality, the workplace, retail or leisure interiors, colour is now becoming a major consideration and a fundamental element of the overall design. From vibrant accent walls to soft furnishings, floorcoverings and accessories, designers at last have unparalleled freedom to create bright and energetic commercial interiors.

Adding colour to a design scheme using accent walls, soft furnishings, and the usual accessories is nothing new. Also, we’re all familiar with the power of colourful and patterned upholstery. Whether it’s used on sofas, lounge chairs, office task seating or even modular furniture, colourful upholstery can help create striking interiors.

Equally, when it comes to specifying quality timber frame furniture, we’re used to seeing natural finishes on woods such as walnut, birch and oak that lend a rather subtle yet elegant tone to each piece. However, such is the enthusiasm for the return of colour that some furniture manufacturers have taken colour to a whole new level, and it’s now possible to specify timber or wooden frame furniture in a wealth of vibrant colours too. The colour can be applied to the underframes, tables, legs and even the arms of timber frame seating, and the end result is the same – bold, vibrant and spectacular.

Commercial Furniture

Whether it’s to echo corporate branding in the workplace, or to simply make a bold design statement in a hospitality venue, coloured wood furniture can be used to inspire emotions, create illusions such as a sense of space, or to simply just set the mood or atmosphere in a particular environment. Alternatively, the furniture can be cleverly chosen to blend with other colours in the design scheme, and by mixing and matching bold colours from the same corner of the colour wheel, a high-impact look can be achieved. The permutations for designers are endless.

Standard colours look great, as do the on-trend orange and pretty pastels, vibrant yellow or ‘Ultra Violet’ – this year’s colour of the year. They are all simply magnificent and can transform an ordinary interior into one that’s quite extraordinary.

If there’s not a standard colour to suit a particular scheme, it’s worth talking to a furniture manufacturer that will offer a bespoke service. Some will even produce the furniture frame in any RAL colour, which is a particularly useful option when reflecting branding in corporate interior design schemes.

Commercial Furniture

Furniture, especially seating, is usually chosen based on its functionality, comfort, ergonomics and durability. However, subject to the scheme, the use of coloured furniture should be taken seriously too. Take a library interior for example. Whilst adult reading areas are intended to be calming and relaxing, younger children thrive in brightly-coloured environments. Hence, the children’s section of the library is perfect for boldly-coloured seating and tables.

So, when it comes to the use of colour, don’t be limited to just the furnishings, paint and accessories. With a little bit of thought and planning – and accessing the right furniture company of course – coloured timber furniture will make more than just a splash.


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