An artisan rug with French flair

Semis rug collection is French design brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s first project with rug expert Danskina and is the result of two years of intense research.

Semis is an exercise in dots and tactility. Geometrically aligned and placed in different rhythms by varying the densities and heights of the rug’s knotted surface, the resulting visual effect is one of an abstract landscape – an aerial view of plantings in a field.

There are two designs available, one featuring small dots and the other large dots, and there is a choice of two colourways – black and white in both positive and negative variations. The four rugs offer a range graduating from predominantly black to a mostly white surface.

the independent hotel show

Made in Nepal from hand-spun Tibetan wool, the construction of Semis is time-consuming, using the fine – yet remarkably strong – Tibetan knotting technique. For a 200cm-wide rug, three weavers will work together and complete up to 7cm a day. After being knotted, the rug is washed and trimmed with scissors. The intentional irregularity of the cut edges creates a beautiful random surface with a handmade touch.

It is the allowance of variations – in the shape of the dots, the trimming, and the fact that a number of different weavers will create each rug – that gives every Semis rug a special, personal touch.

the independent hotel show

the independent hotel show





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