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EGGER is a leading brand for wood-based flooring in the laminate, cork and design sectors. It is also well known for its trend-led decors, creating beautiful interiors across the home.

Acombination of EGGER advanced technology and the use of current trends provides a great place to start when looking for a flooring supplier.

Design experts at EGGER have travelled the world to source the latest texture and decor trends which have inspired the new flooring collection EGGER PRO, which is launching this month. These decors help bring interior design to life, with many different styles and finishes to choose from. Here are EGGER’s top flooring trends for 2017/18:

Light living
Building on the already popular loft and Scandinavian style, ‘light living’ produces a calm and contemporary interior within a bright and light interior. This can be created by using a mixture of industrial, natural and material decors in white and grey tones to create a sleek and fuss-free finish. This flooring trend is well suited to open spaces and apartments with linear furnishings.

Modern classic
A familiar but different style that takes traditional finishes and creates a twist with new colour concepts. The ‘modern classic’ trend can be used across the home, revitalising classic decors and allowing them to work well within new and modern interiors.

Used novelty
‘Used novelty’ is a unique and eclectic trend which combines creative, lively and vintage decors. This flooring trend works well in entrance halls and large open spaces as it complements existing furnishings to bring character and interest to a room.

Pure nature
By using warm, elegant timbers and natural materials; a timeless and rustic interior can be achieved. A ‘back to nature’ look and feel brings a relaxing and calm atmosphere to the home. The style is best suited to living and sleeping areas, receptions or waiting rooms.

These style trends can been seen throughout the EGGER PRO flooring collection. EGGER has also developed an array of surface structures to complement the flooring decors, as the trend towards authentic textures; perfectly aligned with the decor, continues to dominate.


Different board formats can be used to create varying effects. Extra-long and extra-wide boards are in vogue, in accordance with the current furnishing trends of country house styles. Flooring in a wood or tile effect can barely be distinguished from the original, yet offer the practical benefits of laminate.

Design flooring
This flooring range is well suited to areas that require high performance and to be visually attractive, such as restaurants and shops. With a material thickness of only 5mm, authentic decors, high resistance and a ‘SelfRepair’ effect, this flooring is ideal for public and commercial use.


The extremely dense coreboard consists of three layers to ensure high-shape stability. The core of EGGER Design Flooring is Ultra Wood Fibre Board (UWF), a fibreboard with extremely high density, which prevents the edges from swelling. In addition, a waterproof DualSeal protects both sides of the coreboard against moisture. EGGER Design Flooring is therefore the ultimate flooring even for wet areas.


The SelfRepair effect means that if there are surface indentations, the molecules ‘remember’ their initial position and return quickly into their original place making the floor look new again.

Laminate flooring
The laminate assortment offers a huge variety of design styles alongside advanced technical features, enabling a range of suitable application areas. Floors with Aqua+ technology are moisture-resistant and therefore ideally suited to kitchens, bathrooms, entrance areas and hallways. The flooring is hygienic and can be steam cleaned without risk of swelling.


Comfort flooring
This natural floor combines the strengths of laminate with the properties of cork. The air pockets in the top cork layer store heat so the flooring is warm to the touch. A second cork layer on the reverse reduces impact sound and improves the laying characteristics of the flooring.

Comfort Flooring is silent, warm and therefore an ideal floorcovering for living areas such as bedrooms and children’s rooms. Using high-resolution digital printing allows endless possibilities, whether to produce attractive wood decors or more creative designs.



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