Opulence in the kitchen

Here luxury manufacturer of handcrafted, custom-made kitchens, Smallbone of Devizes, talks indulgence and extravagance in the kitchen for the upcoming year.

Metallic finishes in luxury kitchens is something we have seen steadily rise and is set to really take off in 2018. Unusual metal finishes like almond gold or antiqued bronze are taking centre stage and these won’t be limited to traditional handles and hinges. Instead, we’ll see accent panels coming through as well as metallic appliances and even entire islands finished in metallic shades. Advances in material technology have meant that ‘liquid metal’ finishes can be applied to almost every surface, with real depth of texture and finish.

Stylish additions
Combined with subtle, luxury metallics, we have seen a rising demand for sleek, clean kitchens in grey hues filtering down from super-prime developments to individual residential homes and this trend sees no sign of slowing. In response to this demand, Smallbone has created a new kitchen collection, the Grey & Gold, that brings these elements together. Grey hues can have a real impact on a space and its light, so offering entirely bespoke shades is particularly important – while some clients want to go the whole hog with a blackish-grey, others opt for lighter tones.


Making a statement
Statement splashbacks will also begin to come to the fore, with clients confident in creating something that is not only functional but also beautiful. When it comes to splashbacks, more exotic and fragile materials can be used, as there is less wear and tear than there would be on working surfaces.

Strongly-figured marble and quartzite look particularly effective when bookmatched behind the cooking area.


Informal ‘chef’s table’ dining is also something that is on the rise. A handleless island is perfect for this; an uncomplicated hub for socialising and enjoying the theatre of the kitchen. Our Modernist island is perfectly formed for this and designed with the social kitchen in mind.

Linking into the kitchen as the hub of the home, dressers will remain central to the space. Individuals now see the kitchen as a space where they can display precious and beautiful items while being able to conveniently store those everyday essentials away from view.



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