Looking ahead to the office of the future

As a society, we are now more health-conscious than ever before. We strive to eat healthier, work out more and generally try to lead healthier lives. It’s also true that we’re working more hours than ever, having less free time overall, and instead stacking up on overtime. These two directly conflicting aspects of many people’s lives can make it difficult to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

Now, we are seeing an increasing amount of us work partly or fully from home, lending us the opportunity to take on the issue of health and working hours head-on, through particular and carefully thought-through office design.

To create a work environment that nurtures wellbeing and productivity is extremely beneficial. It’s important to understand that while aesthetically-pleasing design should be valued, functionality and ergonomics cannot be forgone in favour of the ‘look’ of the office.

First and foremost, if possible, establishing a designated office space to allow for the separation of work and free time should be a priority. Having a home office grants a higher level of concentration, as distractions can be shut out, which, in turn, heightens productivity.

To fully take advantage of a home office, it’s important to consider all the aspects of what makes a great space to work in. In recent years, we have seen a growing focus on ergonomics in larger corporate office settings. But affordable, practical and aesthetically-pleasing office design is not solely for these business giants, the small business owner can now kit their workplace out with contemporary interiors that will boost wellbeing and productivity, without breaking the bank.

If your client works more than two days from home, they should strongly consider investing in a sit-stand desk. A height-adjustable desk will contribute to maintaining an active lifestyle, resulting in a multitude of health benefits.


Research has shown that moving from a sitting to a standing position throughout the normally sedentary day helps to keep energy levels up, aids concentration, increases productivity, reduces back and neck problems and burns up to three times as many calories, helping you feel good throughout the working day.

But it’s not all about the sit-stand desk. Ergonomic seating plays a major role in securing wellbeing in the office. Always go for an adjustable chair that can be manipulated to suit a variety of shapes and sizes, whilst supporting the back and spine. These days, finding a chair that is affordable, high quality and also aesthetically pleasing really does not have to be a difficult task.

Other ways to achieve a healthy home office design is to pay attention to natural light. If possible, choose a room that bathes in light during working hours, as this will help your mind stay energised. Pair this light and breezy feel with pops of vibrant colour, straying away from the overused neutrals of the average office environments, and instead creating a stimulating space. This is yet another way to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Another office trend to jump on is introducing biophilic design to your workspace. This trend seeks to bring nature inside and has been proven to have multiple benefits for health and productivity. A biophilic office environment can be achieved by trying to mimic natural elements with patterns, shapes and spaces and by incorporating plants into your office design. This will help to create a space oozing with life.


Make sure that an office stays flexible. Design it to stand the test of time and change as your client does. Sometimes it’s good to move furniture around, to rejig old designs and create a new space with existing pieces. It’s important to keep a workplace exciting and fresh – a space that your client wants to be in.

Furthermore, to thrive in your home office, it should feel personable. While it’s key to allow the office and the rest of a home to stay separated, introducing a ‘domestic feel’ by incorporating paintings, prints, wall art and decorative items is still advisable. Make sure that the office atmosphere remains a place that is comfortable and welcoming.

When decorating a new office, keep variety in mind. Create a space that’s exciting and inviting, a space that encourages productivity and that always boosts wellbeing.

Furniturise promotes furniture which reacts to the needs of the human frame whilst incorporating a variety of ergonomically-designed seating available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, textures and high-quality materials. The group also offers a range of desk options to suit any space and style including Autonomy Pro desking, which uses the latest in sit-stand technology to allow for active working.



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