Wednesday, 24 April 2019 10:00

An exciting modular lighting system

    Swedish lighting manufacturer ateljé Lyktan has launched its first completely modular multifunctional lighting system in collaboration with London-based creative agency Fourmation. With endless possibilities of creating different lighting patterns and feature ceiling grids, Vault offers unrivalled flexibility.

    Combining ateljé Lyktan’s technological expertise and Fourmation’s experience in interior design, the team was able to create a spatial concept that can complement the architectural features of any interior space.

    Having noticed a need for a modular system that does not require a complex ceiling layout, Fourmation came up with a concept that can create a bespoke design by using only standard components. Vault can be customised and altered according to the space it occupies and provides an ideal lighting solution for high-level open, exposed ceilings.

    Easy installation

    Especially well-suited for retail and office spaces, Vault can be installed easily as it requires only a small amount of components linked together with four-way connection blocks. The unlimited configuration options enable the system to be used as a grid creating a ceiling in itself, with the possibility of acoustic tiles or stretched fabric used in conjunction with the linear lights. Vault can also be used vertically on walls to create product displays.

    Vault comes with a smart-phone app that allows users to easily modify lighting levels and temperatures, creating a controllable lighting environment. Available in three standard lengths 1200, 1800 and 2400 the light profiles can be connected to illuminate both up and down, or inwards to create very different light variations.

    Oliver Jones, General Manager at ateljé Lyktan commented: “Vault is ateljé Lyktan’s first design collaboration outside of Sweden and provides a clever and flexible lighting solution that allows full freedom of expression.”

    John Foden, Director of Fourmation, said: “ateljé Lyktan was the perfect partner for us to collaborate with. They have a great reputation for being a progressive experimental company that embraces new concepts and ideas. The Vault block is the starting point for where we go next and we can’t wait to develop the concept further.”

    Christer Högström, R&D Manager at ateljé Lyktan, said: “The design proposal caught our interest as soon as we saw it. Developing Vault has been a fun challenge for us, and the result of our hard work and passion is a great looking, flexible product that is easy to install and has great light comfort.”

    ateljé Lyktan and Fourmation are collaborating on a launch event at Fabric London on 22nd May 2019 as part of Clerkenwell Design Week.

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