Antron Global Colour Trend Forecast 2017/18

Based around our desire to explore, a key influencer of consumer trends, global trends see a confident approach as we embrace the latest discoveries shaping our future. But what impact will this confidence have on design and colour?

A new-found enthusiasm is revealed in Antron Carpet Fibre's Global Trend Forecast 2017/18 video, presenting four themes that refocus colour palettes for 2017/18 around a central concept of exploration.

In Aquatic Voyage we explore the unknown capacity of our oceans in strange and surreal material combinations with oceanic blues and greens with dark depths and luminescent accents. The next theme, Infinite Shadow, presents a cool palette of intense contrasts referencing a focus on essential form and core structure.

In Classic Allure, as we look for stability in turbulent times a new form of classicism emerges, atmospheric and luxurious in an elegant and organic palette that is rich and warm. The fourth and final theme is Coded Canvas, where saturated brights, energy and playfulness come to the fore as we embrace the super-digital world of data.

More insight into the colours shaping our future is revealed in Antron Carpet Fibre's Global Color Trend 2017/18 Forecast video.

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