Shaun Clarkson started life as a Fine Artist, creating sculptures and installations. His life has been a series of accidents ever since. A chance meeting with Restaurant Owner, Oliver Payton, set him on a career path designing bars and clubs.

Alix Lawson and Charlotte Robb met when they were studying interior architecture and interior design under the venerable Mrs Duncan at the Inchbald School of Design, London. Both designers’ upbringings had been steeped in design and architectural influences and, after training, they went to work in these fields.

Making the move into interior design in his 30s inspired Evros Agathou to work for himself and build a design studio that he would want to work in. Here, Inex talks to Evros about his interior practice and what inspires his designs.

Discovering his passion for design at the age of seven, Vick Vanlian was introduced to the world of design through his family’s business. He then studied interior architecture at the Lebanese American University.

Claire Rendall has always been passionate about design and started her career as a Graphic Designer, which developed to include designing corporate spaces such as the reception and boardroom. 

Lucy Clark and Katie Singleton, Founders of interior design studio Olive Design Studio, talk to Inex about how they started their careers within the interiors industry and how they work together to curate impeccable designs.

Growing up near Lake Como in Italy, Maurizio Pellizzoni moved to London in 1998 to undertake a bachelor's degree in interior architecture at the London Metropolitan University, simultaneously freelancing as a window display designer. Here, he talks to Inex about his creative past and what the future holds for him.

Aaron Stewart and Fernando Rodriguez first met in New York City. The pair were encouraged to join forces in 2012 and in 2013 the couple’s flagship store, Aaron Stewart Home, was unveiled. Following this, the pair discovered Aaron Stewart Lifestyle. Here, Fernando talks about how he and Aaron came to meet and what inspired the pair to open up their exquisite brands.

Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons both met and studied at Glasgow School of Art. Following this, Paul studied at RCA, London, and Alistair undertook a post-grad in Glasgow. The duo realised early on that if you want to do anything in your way, you have to do it yourself and both wanted to produce their own fabrics – also, to be pragmatic about it, physically it takes two people to print fabric, one to push and one to pull the squeegee.

Anouska Lancaster, Founder of interior design firm Noushka Design, originally trained and qualified to be an artist. Ever since she was a child, drawing and painting was where her passion fell; she would eat, sleep, paint and repeat. Her career as an interior designer came about after she had a family.

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